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Dear Election, where are you?

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

Election As soon as the election activities start, different types of movements start in the cities and villages, especially the activities of the inner city are worth seeing, “chaupals” are formed in place, there are lassi rounds running at the halwai shop, tea kiosks are also decorated, political gossip is also going on in the paan shop, these days the candidates’ “aniyan jaaniyan” are visible. They remember all the gullible relationships, somewhere they go to the family of the person who died years ago to offer Fateha.So somewhere to congratulate him on the wedding, which has now become childless, due to so many engagements, there is a mistake, so the house of condolence sits down to congratulate and the blessed house to offer condolences. Apart from this, they ask about the children of future voters who have never been asked about the present, whether they got a job or not, then start noting their data, banners are put up on the streets, there are lamps outside the candidate’s election office, and so there is a lot of commotion everywhere.
Not only this, there is a renewed meeting with the friends of the media, they are called for food, the series of meetings with the thanedar and bureaucrat of the area also starts, the thanedar of the area keeps meeting in some way or the other, but other “profitable” people of this kind also have to appear for salam, but at present there is no such activity. It seems as if the elections are tired somewhere on the way, God knows how much time is needed for “Qilula”, but the PPP seems to be active from now on. I do not know whether the streets and markets see the glory of elections or not, however, their advertising campaign on TV channels seems to be very effective.
Who lives until your head is over?
But now this campaign is not even visible. The PTI is still active on social media as usual, the same abuse, the same “sociology”, but now it does not talk about five million houses and one crore jobs, nor does it encourage the profitable business of rearing chickens, but now on the mention of the tragedy of May 9, we did not do this, according to the poet.
In the city of Fitna Jaga, in the city of Fire
He stood aside and said, “We are not
I also had a place in my heart for Khan when it was said that as soon as the PTI came to power, it would turn the governor houses of all the provinces into rubble and build universities there, instead of the houses built in many kanals of bureaucrats, they would be given only residential houses. But he preferred a helicopter over a bicycle himself.
Let’s leave these things thinking about elections right now, what’s wrong in thinking about it, my thinking will not lead to elections and it seems that there are no signs of it at present, but the elders themselves are indicating postponement, apart from this, nothing is known about the formation of the caretaker government and references to the Prime Minister. Some names have come out from and the final name has not yet come out nor is it expected to come so soon, May Allah place Mujahid Urdu Fazlur Rehman Lahori in Jannat-ul-Firdous, if he were alive, he would have come forward as a candidate this time also that he considered himself the most suitable candidate for the post of President and Prime Minister on every election.In fact, he had also formed his own cabinet, in which information minister Manubhai and education minister were nominated. That some people have pulled the hatred of people from Pakistan, they talk about the breaking of Pakistan all the time, mock Pakistan and appear to be reading stories of India’s development and pakistanis living abroad are second to none.
This situation is very worrisome and it can only be solved in the form of quick and transparent elections, but the abusive, abusive and arbitrary class that has been born among us will still take time to get “rest”. All political parties of the ruling PDM, apart from elections, should also formulate a unified programme that can refine the minds of all sections of the nation. Apart from this, help can also be taken from intellectuals that elections in their place, someone’s success and someone’s failure in their place, but it is also very important to strengthen Pakistan and show the right path to those who create hatred that if There is Pakistan, then we are also, if not Pakistan, then nothing.

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