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Daughter’s mercy or distress

by Tanees Naeem
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tanees naeem

A woman as a daughter is one of the most important roles of a woman. Women are generally very soft-hearted. They offer help whenever you need them without asking. A daughter always thinks good for her father who raised her, the father is a source of happiness for her daughter and she will never forget him, and she will always do everything she can to help her parents, make them happy. If seen, some parents are not afraid of the daughter but her fate. In the past, before leaving the daughter, it was explained that the house where she is going now is her real home. And whatever happens, he has to stay there. Perhaps that’s why those women tolerated violence. Sometimes he was tortured for not bringing dowry and sometimes he was thrown out of the house for not giving good news to his son. Even in modern times, there are many people who do not consider someone’s daughter as a daughter, they are tortured for not bringing dowry. There are some people who take away the orphan girl and oppress her thinking that there is no one to follow her. Perhaps that’s why parents consider their daughter a burden.
In the past, having daughters was a shame for the family, because when a daughter was born, it meant the breakdown of the family. However, Islam has never considered a daughter so inferior. The daughter is a mercy from God, before coming to Islam, girls were treated very badly in Arab civilization. The father felt ashamed at the birth of his daughter. In order to get rid of this humiliation and humiliation, the Arabs buried their daughters alive. Islam arrived at a time when Arabs treated girls with extreme inhumanity. Islam removed darkness and gave rights to sisters, daughters and wives. On the contrary, it is very important to have a daughter because she has opened the doors of many blessings from Allaah. When a daughter is born in a family, it should not be considered a burden but a great blessing. The birth of a baby girl brings many benefits to the family, as daughters will be an important part of the society. The parents who are blessed with the blessing of the daughter should raise her well because Allah has promised paradise for her who has raised her daughter well. Allaah greatly values his daughter, as He has promised paradise, which has a daughter. If a Muslim has two daughters or sisters, three daughters or sisters and raises them properly in fear of Allaah, Then Allah has made Paradise obligatory on him.
Why should having a daughter be considered a curse, when she is the existence of humanity? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself said that a woman whose first child is a daughter is blessed. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) clearly stated that the birth of a daughter means a double blessing for the family. She carries two lights with her. As it is mentioned in the hadith:
“When a boy is born, he brings one light, and when a girl is born, he brings two lights.”
Importance of daughter in Islam:Parents who treat their daughter gently are closest to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Whoever is generous to his daughter, Allah almighty is generous to him as well.
This is the importance of a daughter in Islam. Islam never sees a man higher than a woman. Instead, women are really given great importance in Islam. The status of the daughter is that when Bibi Fatima Zahra used to come to meet the Holy Prophet, he used to stand up and welcome her. Islam has given a lot of pride to the woman, if the mother is heaven under the feet, if the daughter is the cause of mercy, if the wife is the source of the completion of the faith and if the sister is the source of blessing, Islam gives the daughter the same freedom that it gives to the son.Some of them are listed below:
Islam gave them the right to education and work as men to their families.
Islam gave the daughter the right to marry according to her will.
Islam gave him the right to his father’s property, his share is half of his brother’s share.
Islam gave her the right to ‘khula’ – if she is not satisfied with her husband, cancel her nikahnama.
Islam gave her the right to sue the person who sexually harassed or abused her.
Islam gave her the right to live happily with or without a man.Islam gave them the right to speak and express their thoughts and ideas to the public.
Islam gave him the right to become a world power and explained that there is nothing without a woman.
Although Muslim daughters should respect both mothers and fathers, they are expected to be especially close to their mothers. Islam teaches that while children have the right to be dressed, protected and educated by their parents, it is later the job of the children to take care of their parents in old age. One needs to respect and humble one’s parents, and take care of them in sickness. Sons are bound by financial assistance, but daughters take care of parents’ daily life
According to the Qur’an, mothers deserve to treat their children better than fathers, because they have given birth to them physically and have generally sacrificed their luxuries to raise them.
There is a famous hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him):
“Heaven is under mother’s feet.”

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