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“Create a database for Muslim residents in America”

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“Create a database for Muslim residents in America” – Donald Trump Washington (News Desk): Following the attacks, Republican leader Donald Trump has demanded that a database be created for Muslims residing in America. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, strongly criticized the demand and said that Muslims should not be targeted and those who speak against Islam should not be heard. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, addressing an election rally in South Carolina, strongly opposed Donald Trump’s demand, saying that in light of the situation that has arisen after the Paris attacks, there should be no such thing as a “database for Muslims” in America so that the activities of Muslims can be monitored.

They said that such decisions would have the impact of isolating the Muslims living here in America, or that America is anti-Islam. On the other hand, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump changed his statement after severe criticism. In a rally in Alabama last week, he said that his statement about the Muslim database was misunderstood. He talked about the registration of Syrian refugees living in America.

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