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Benefits of turmeric milk and other beneficial recipes

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❤️ The best alternative to tea

1. Mix half a teaspoon of tea in one pound of sweet milk with ground pure turmeric. The best tonic is the delicate organ.

2. Add proper milk to the cake of the cake, match the tea and the best tea will be prepared.

3. Bohar’s soft beard is the best alternative to tea.

4. Clove Cinnamon Kahwa

5. Fennel and cardamom

6. Green tea cups

All these are purposefully good and unhealthy. An authentic recipe for turmeric tea Loses weight. Inward injury reduces inflammation, reduces stress, and relieves swelling and worms.

Useful in colds and colds. Antibiotic anti-inflammatory. Cleanses skin and blood.

Turmeric- 1 teaspoon Milk. 1 cup 1 cup of water. Pure honey- 1 teaspoon recipe preparation Milk and milk in the pot…

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