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76 years of independence

by Gee Tv
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76 years ago, after millions of sacrifices, this beloved Pakistan emerged on the world map, this day gives us dedicated moments of freedom. In 1947, we started our journey in the world of selflessness, Today we are a nuclear power and are known in the world as a fast-growing nation. The world can never ignore us because of Pakistan’s geographical and strategic position. This period of 76 years has not been spent in such a way that we can be called the journey of Raigani, we have a strong army and a determined nation is our asset.”Our role in peace in the world is recognized, we have always proved our existence by adopting a positive and lively stand in the world, We have a unified constitution for our parliamentary political system of government, and on its basis, we inherit a strong democratic and parliamentary system. Iron is proving. In the field of technology, our development is moving at the same pace as big countries, in terms of information technology, Pakistan is counted among the countries that have made rapid progress in this field, Pakistan is standing at the forefront of those countries of the world who have succeeded in rooting out terrorism and sacrificed thousands of lives to make the world a haven of peace. he did his part,
Today Our Big Cities Are Competing With The Cities Of The Developed Countries Of The World. Of course, we can be proud of our past journey, but the process of introspection in the lives of nations always continues, as a result of which we can go from the best to the best, we should accept that we have forgotten Quaid-e-Azam’s command of unity, faith, and faith. No nation can progress by disintegrating, unity is the only way to progress, and that is why Quaid-e-Azam laid great emphasis on it. Political differences occur in every society but they arise on the basis of issues, political divisions do not create hatred but lead to healthy competition, our political history shows that our politicians do not sit together even on national issues, people are also divided due to the discrimination of politicians, even then the situation is that there is a wide gap between the opposition and the government.
The economy is demanding that the opposition and the government sit together and lay the foundation of the economy, but by creating chaos, uncertainty, and unrest are being created, which is a poison killer for the economy. We will get real freedom only when we consider the blessing of our freedom as a collective, national, and Islamic responsibility and together try to take the country forward with unity and consensus, the workers of Pakistan Muslim League (Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed) want that things should be saved from deterioration, all stakeholders sit together and find solutions to the problems faced. The army is our national institution, all political parties should work within their scope and look at the people.
At this time, we need political unity and consensus that can guide us on basic national issues, Our political history is full of turmoil, movements, and anarchy due to which Pakistan has been deprived of stability. Because of this culture, divisions, and hatred have arisen within the nation, which we cannot afford. We must redefine our role and actions by making Pakistan the focus of our hopes. This is the real need of the day. The most important thing for us should also be economic freedom, recently The IMF has had to deal with the strictest conditions, the question is how long we as a nation need to find an answer to this question. Improvement in economic matters is not possible without political stability In the parliamentary and democratic political system, free, fair, and impartial elections are of great importance. If they are not fair, political divisions can increase. The primary responsibility of political stability in the country rests with the politicians, but this issue should be addressed by all stakeholders. The time has come for us to correct our ways, back, and make a name for ourselves.
The events of May 9 changed the picture of the country’s politics to a great extent. The important point is that there is a need to control inflation in the country, life is becoming difficult for the common man, the dollar has become uncontrollable and unemployment has camped in the country, with the cooperation of some friendly countries including China and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has made all its external payments. I have succeeded, but this is a temporary solution, a deal of $ 3 billion has been done in three installments under the standby arrangement with the IMF, and we have to fill the “financing gap” of $ 8.2 billion through the IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although there is a debate about delaying the elections by a year or two in the country after the economic crisis has been controlled to some extent, there is no logic left for this delay, the two major parties of the country have expressed this, while the PDM and other coalition parties have also been decided to take into confidence and all the small and big parties including the PTI. Political parties want timely elections. It is better that elections should be held in the country on time according to the Constitution so that whoever the people trust can hold the reins of the country and move things forward, the negative effects of what has happened in the country so far are in front of everyone, now the country is trying to stand on its feet again, in such a situation we can not afford any more adventure. that only constitutional procedure should be followed.

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