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Amsterdam bicycles, drugs and…!

by Yasir Pirzada
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Sayane has said that shortcuts should not be taken in life, people accustomed to shortcuts usually do not reach the destination and their digestion is often bad. I don’t know who these people were who said such things, and we accepted them as the truth. Nairobi to Amsterdam flies directly, but we did not think it appropriate to take a shortcut because of Kenya Airlines and ‘Via Doha’ reached Amsterdam. As if the journey that was possible in nine hours, we showed practicality and made it fourteen and a half hours. “Life is made by action, heaven is also hell. The weather in Amsterdam was very pleasant, when we arrived, the sun was out, but if you take off the jacket, it feels cold and if you wear it, it is hot. After a while, it started raining, but if you keep walking, there is no feeling of getting wet and if you stop, it will burn. When i checked in the hotel and examined the room, it was found that there is coffee but no water, the reception phone and asked, the answer was that you should use tap water without worry, amsterdam’s water is completely clean and due to its transparency, it is second in Europe. Hearing this, i was very upset. Although till two decades ago, our cities also used to get clean tap water, the same we used to drink, the innovation of mineral water started much later. There was a metro station right in front of the hotel, it was decided from friends that we should go around the city as soon as the goods were kept in the room, so we made a metro pass for a day, the price was nine euros, if we said twenty-eight hundred rupees. For the next two days, we kept dividing the same multiplication. One is the inflation of Europe, Amsterdam from above, here the burger was also found for sixteen euros, which had to be poisoned, but our rupee has removed the waste, which has become junk. If you want to compare inflation in different cities of Europe, just find out the price of McDonald’s burger, you will know which city is how expensive or cheap, if the price of a ‘meal’ in Amsterdam was sixteen euros, then in Berlin we got the same burger for eight euros. There are bitter times of ‘compulsion’! The central area of Amsterdam is called Dam Square, it is crowded with tourists and the same scene is seen in other cities of Europe, food shops, roadside cafes, streams running between the city, shopping malls, souvenir shops, burrowing trams, churches, museums and some historic buildings. But apart from all these things, there are three things in Amsterdam that distinguish this city from the rest of the European cities. Bicycles, drugs and prostitutes. It is not that all this is available in the rest of Europe, the only difference is that these things are available in Amsterdam with ease and abundance. In Europe, people travel on bicycles, but the passion seen in Amsterdam is not found anywhere else, there are more bicycles than there are people in the city, the bicycle of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands was also famous because he used to come to the office on a bicycle. Bicycle stands have been built on the flat side of the city, you rent a bicycle by putting a token in the machine and use it to leave it at any other stand. There is a separate way to ride bicycles on the road, here cyclists cycle at a very high speed and often also care for pedestrians and if a driver accidentally touches them, then the sky lifts on their head.They leave their lives by receiving a good amount of damages. The use of ‘light drugs’ is also not prohibited in Amsterdam, these drugs are found in coffee shops, but you cannot buy it from a person walking on the road, in this case the government gives the impression as if it has banned drugs, although the fact is that a large number of tourists come here only because they do not have any problem in buying hashish etc. Amsterdam’s Adam Square is famous all over the world for its brothels, there are small shops in the streets with glasses in front of them, half-stand behind the glasses and attract customers. Prostitution is legal in many countries of the world and there are brothels in certain areas.But this rarely happens in any other city like amsterdam, the way women are standing half-naked in public here, I have seen in Thailand or Britain. However, amsterdam is so different from these cities in that transgender men also stand in the window and attract customers in specific streets. It’s as if, “You’ve been a little bit of a fool… Otherwise, the treatment in Gulshan is also difficult.” Amsterdam is a beautiful and clean city, in this city you can go from one place to another by boating in the canal, this canal is spread all over the city, 50 years ago amsterdam’s canal was not like this, it used to present the scene of a lake, but then the government took the initiative to clean it, after which the shape of the canal changed within a few years, now boats run in it, tourists in the city. It is done and in the summer people bathe thoughtlessly. All this used to happen in the Canal of Lahore.But our canal is now a little ‘sick’. Another special feature of Amsterdam is the museums here, Sayane says that van Gogh’s Museum and Ricks Museum are such places that if you do not go there, then understand that you have not gone to Amsterdam. Those who said these things certainly did not go to Amsterdam, because if they had gone to Amsterdam, they would have mentioned a third museum, which may not be in any other city, I also saw that museum from outside, there was a plaque on the door “Museum of Prostitution”. It seems to me that the Dutch government has done all this for the company’s fame and branding the city in such a way that it can attract tourists. Our next destination was ‘DinHog’, the capital of the Netherlands, what happened to us there, mentioned in the next column!

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