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Will the inventor of the air conditioner go to heaven?

by Dr Hassan Farooqi
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dr hassan farooqi

Nowadays, the rationalist class is worried that if a seemingly sinful Muslim will finally go to Heaven, then how? And why will a humane disbeliever burn in Hell for the rest of his life ? Although there are answers to these questions in detail in the Qur’an and Hadith, rational and logical arguments are appropriate to convince rationalists. It should be noted that religion is the name of a universal program that covers all hidden realities. The creator of this program has conveniently made some realities clear to man through inspiration, he also encouraged man to discover hidden material facts. Which will continue to be revealed until the Day of Resurrection along with time and human efforts, while the rest will be revealed on the Day of Resurrection. The greatest reality is the reality of God, which will be revealed to mankind on the Day of Resurrection in the form of Divine Revelation. In order to fully understand this scheme or program of nature, human beings like us, with the help of reason and wisdom, keep hitting the tomic twins and will continue to kill till the Day of Resurrection. The facts that we have reached today, a thousand or two thousand years ago, man did not reach here. Logically, a thousand or two thousand years from now, man also has wisdom, logic and knowledge. In this system of research and exploration or this journey of awareness and awareness, “the motivation to discover material facts” is also included in the religious program, so no matter how far the air conditioner goes, cloning, crisper, or the magic of artificial intelligence, nothing disbelieves religion, but scientific discoveries are divine to us. Science does not discover anything beyond cosmic facts. There is a relationship between creator and creation or cause and effect in the whole universe. Man of every age puts the known or discovered facts into the fold of science. And religion to the unknown. This may continue until the Resurrection. If the man after the Industrial Revolution is different from the old man, will the man of today not be old? A thousand years later, when today’s man becomes old, where will we and our ideas stand? Therefore, logical thinking requires that we understand the whole scheme of nature and present our ideas and interpretations. On June 28, a learned columnist published in the Daily Jang asked why the kafir would remain in Hell forever and why would the Muslim finally enjoy Paradise? It should be noted that paradise is obligatory on a Muslim whether he commits a million sins and paradise is haraam for the disbeliever, whether he does a million good deeds. This view or belief is very clear and simple in nature. The number of glasses that rationalists use to see it just needs to be corrected. It is very important to have a visa to enter the United States. Canadian immigration also requires a visa. is
It is not possible to go and live anywhere in the world without a visa, so how can it be that there is no visa for paradise (this is the belief of all human beings) the highest place to live? Now the question is, what is a visa to heaven? Yes, the visa to Paradise is faith. To bear witness that Allah is one and that whoever is the Prophet or Messenger of Allah is true. Whoever dies or dies with this faith, Paradise is obligatory for him. Now the question is that one person is a believer but is evil deeds, but the other person is a believer as well as good deeds. I am also superior and superior, so how can both of them be close to Allah together? Yes, one of them will go directly to Paradise by his faith and deeds, while the other will enter Paradise after serving the punishment for his misdeeds through Hell or other means. Here we should assess the value of faith, which is like a visa to Paradise. The disbeliever will not be able to enter Paradise, but will remain in Hell. Here also we give the example of two people that one has neither a visa nor good deeds, while the other does not have a visa, but there are deeds that are very beneficial for mankind. Here rationalists believe that the first person may be in Hell, but the second must be entitled to Paradise because of good deeds. I request all such friends that just as no Pakistani in the world can live in America without a visa, even a disbeliever can enter Paradise without a visa. In order to understand more and understand the justice of The Lord of the Worlds, it should also be clear that God will not let anyone’s righteousness and even the slightest evil be wasted. There is a logical requirement of status and status. In Sura al-Rahman, one paradise and then another paradise have also been mentioned, which clearly shows that paradises are more than one and there is also a classification in Paradise.
Just as we pray that Allah will raise the ranks of so and so. These are due to piety. Let us now go to Hell. How logically is it possible that paradise has degrees but not hell? Disbelievers who are saved from evil deeds will logically live in a place of Hell that is relatively less terrible. So will the disbelievers who are human beings throughout their lives. Those who worked for the welfare or comfort of people, such as making air conditioners, inventing penicillin, or developing disease vaccines, should certainly not be kept with people who, like Hitler, would have killed millions of people. So it should be understood that entry to Paradise is not possible without a visa.However, the matter of punishment and reward is associated with deeds. The punishment for a Muslim is that he should taste hell before entering Paradise according to his deeds, and the reward of a disbeliever may be that his punishment should be reduced due to his good deeds. Therefore, the logical requirement of God’s justice is that the inventor of the air conditioner is due to disbelief. Stay in Hell, but get concessions according to good deeds. Similarly, there can be a provision of fire for the inhabitants of the snowy valleys and snow in Paradise for the inhabitants of hot areas, because this is the logical result of the general principle that whatever the jinn wishes will be fulfilled. At what time do you get acquainted with reality?

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