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Voice Message in Written Form on WhatsApp

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Whatsap new feature

There will also be a voice message in written form on WhatsApp. It is possible that the world’s largest and busiest instant messaging application, WhatsApp, will soon introduce a fantastic feature, that allows users to convert voice messages into text. Currently, no other messaging application has such a feature, but some similar features are available on some social networking sites. However, it has now been reported that WhatsApp experts are working on testing such a feature that can convert voice notes into text. According to the website “Webetainfo”, which monitors WhatsApp updates, experts have given some iOS and Android users access to this feature, under which any voice note can be converted to text. Initially, it will be possible to convert voice notes in some major languages into text, including English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Cantonese. Under the feature, as soon as a user receives a voice note, they will be given the option to convert it to text if they wish.

The mentioned feature will generally be useful for users when they are unable to hear voice notes in a noisy place. Similarly, under this feature, users will also be provided with an easy feature to understand specific sentence words and search for them in the entire text. They will be able to quickly search for any specific word under Control+F, and the searched word will be highlighted in a different color.

It is premature to say when this mentioned feature will be introduced for general users, but it is possible that it will be introduced by the end of this year.

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