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Violence in any case is unacceptable

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal rehan

Democracy is not just the name of conducting elections and forming similar assemblies. It is a philosophy or a way of thinking of tolerance and broad-mindedness, of giving respect and dignity and space to others besides oneself. It remains. In the same way, if there is hunger or lack of awareness and education, how can a common citizen establish his independent opinion in such a society, expressing it is a far-fetched thing. After doing, one can do whatever he wants, while the minority has its own rights and the slogan of democracy without the observance of human rights is nothing but a joke. Many people in this country today are worried about the current situation, they do not understand what all this is about. happening? If a political pressure group or its leadership has committed any mistake, why is it being done? What are these unseen forces which generally stay behind the scenes and sometimes come forward and play the role which is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution. Darwish is appealing to his worried brothers and sisters that you should not be worried at all, be completely satisfied, one reaps what one sows, no civilized society can allow arson, vandalism or violence, even in a democracy. It can be imagined. It should also be kept in mind that who has misled you people that Pakistan is a democratic country rich in human rights and freedoms, the bitter truth is that Nachiz has spent his entire life. has spent but till today more than twenty or twenty five percent cannot speak or write the truth here and will never be able to write. The problem is not only with the powerful, of course, they are the Tarbela Dam of oppression, but apart from them, there are big ideologues and fanatics in this nation with full power, with their hidden or visible blessings, it is not possible in their presence. Here perfect human rights or freedoms can be made available to the people, people’s democracy is something beyond that. All this being acknowledged, the fact remains that non-violence and democracy are two contrasting approaches. Here, at intervals, if power is transferred to the people’s representatives, it is a partnership under certain limits and conditions, and if they feel that If the partner considers himself to be the true leader of the people or the prime minister, then the gardens are pulled. All the public leaders who have become here were basically carved idols of the establishment, they were largely aware of their limitations. In this regard, Ms. Efforts to convince the public authority with great wisdom were never let down. In the beginning, both of them committed a lot of stupidity, but with the passage of time, maturity has come which is not seen in our recent history. This document like “Democracy Charter” is the fruit of this political maturity which should be given the same sanctity as the Constitution in the political circles. With this mature political view, our democracy was progressing well in spite of some mistakes. Like good democracies, the two-party system was getting stable, but suddenly a worm of personal or personal interest was born in the mind of a powerful person. This self-interested imagination, or worm, was a little developed for the first time, the ambitious mentality appears whenever the environment or the weather feels good.

His germ was hitting tomcats since 2013 and 2014, for which a player was a teacher. The problem is the old-fashioned extension of the neophyte people, while Nawaz Sharif learned in his entire struggle that it is not at all. When I have come from the clear power of the people’s vote, I have convinced this from the corrupted judiciary and I am also accountable to the people’s court, then why should I come to someone’s bullying or blackmailing? Decisions of public authorities like Hindiatra, Musharraf’s accountability and Dawn Leaks were indicative of progress towards public democracy, taking up the Imrani project in response, with “Why did I get kicked out” in 2018 with the favorable results of Sartabi, except for Maulana. No one had patience, they would not have died, they were genuine political people, they endured all the hardships and did not break at all, they kept finding ways to save with wisdom until the worm of the next extension started to bite again. The one who was now a puppet thought that I have now become Jinnah’s mediator, how long will my proud mentality remain buried under the boots, why not become everything. But this addiction did not leave the player anywhere. We got the answer that our cat and us should be fed up, if it was not Lalkarnath, then why did they become puppets on the first day. The three-time elected Prime Minister had learned so much after being pushed hard that he should not act like his brother and weak colleagues. “These fools fell in prostration when the time came to stand.” Now Haji Sahib, not Hafiz Sahib, has to be brought forward. If the disease is severe, Hakeem also has to be brought. So the proven recipe proved to be successful and effective. On the other hand, self-determination was obviously to happen, which started from September-October and ended on May 9. Today, even though the argument is being made for no reason, who is responsible or the mastermind of the worst violence of May 9? If ignorance is knowledge, it is a different matter, otherwise the facilitators of terror and violence are in the dark, nor is the mastermind hiding in a cave. . It is up to the powerful to decide whether they want to be humiliated or face the military courts and when the big civilian court is to be freed from its facilitators? Many democracies are suffering. Why Haji and Hafiz were sitting together? In order to honor the martyrs, instead of the Haji, the high-flying Palestinian or the talkative Malshie of the Ministry of Defense would have been given the opportunity to present a letter of thanks, but no matter how powerful someone is, he also has some constraints, he also has his own power. Some efforts have to be made to maintain the illusion or terror. The toy of the constitution and the law for personal interest is left to the powerful. These are all bookish things regarding those who are sitting in the Supreme Judiciary. If it can be digested, then the powerful. The stomach is much stronger than them. However, whoever collides with the present Imam will definitely be crushed. According to the occasion, a glimpse of Imamat given by the artist of the state in the service of Jinnah the Arbiter can be seen. …who disgusts you with the present and the present…by showing you in the mirror of death, a friend…make life even more difficult for you. Put the benefactors in the middle and make a deal to pass your hair down to the children and live the next life of seniority in peace. The good wealth taken from the nation in the name of honesty and the gifts received from Begums will not end at least in the rest of the life. On the contrary, if the germ of leadership does not allow anyone to take the crotch chain, then by taking the path of departure, show the same courage that you would expect from your political opponents. Do not forget that if the desire to rule or gain power begins to ache in the chest, then people climb to the throne by enduring the tortures of military courts or prisons and are forever called the leader of the people or the martyr of the nation.

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