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Violence and abuse of children

by Roha Sabahat
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Roha Sabahat

Violence and abuse are two factors that explain cruelty and hatred within human beings. Such components that shed light on the evil and mental state that grows in a human being. The things that bring a person down from the level of humanity. And when it comes to violence against children, the human mind is unable to accept such a thing that a person with a human heart can also be a part of this cruelty. When someone is oppressed, it is not only a part of physicality but also a part of mentality. The apparent injury is visible to everyone and everyone also bandages it, but not everyone can make medicine for the wounds that are internal. And when it comes to children, all aspects have to be considered. Torturing children is Yazidism. It is more difficult to oppress innocent children, when the hands do not stop, the heart does not tremble, then understand that humanity has ended in you and the cruelty has come to an end. Now whether they are developing countries or non-development countries. In Pakistan, the rate of violence against girls has exceeded 55 percent, while the rate of violence against boys has exceeded 34 percent. Oppression does not depend on any age or class. Cruelty is just cruelty.
Now whether it is done openly or in closed rooms. Cruelty in closed rooms refers to animalism. Animalism that has no measure. Which removes man’s trust in man. When atrocities are being mentioned, today I see innocent Rizwana, who has put every family member in shock. Which mountains of cruelty were not broken on this girl? In the four walls of the house, attempts were made to break this helplessness in every way, whether mental or physical. The child, who has been tortured by these cruel people for months, is now seeking justice with her innocent eyes.Which is probably impossible in this world, especially in this society. One wonders how a human being reaches the level of animalism. Sadly, the oppressors are the richest people whose hands are above the law, whose thinking is lower, whose money is guaranteed, and in whose hands justice is delivered. When the wrongdoer is made a judge to distinguish between right and wrong. So the rate of cruelty will increase. As mentioned earlier, oppression does not depend on any class. Surprisingly, those who are adorning the Qur’an in their chests are carrying forward the story of oppression.
Nowadays every other clip is being seen where innocent children are being brutally tortured. Then the earth trembles, and the heavens seek refuge. They teach the Book of God and oppress His servants. Parents send their children for education, what do they know that children are being oppressed in the name of teaching and learning? It’s not just about cruelty, it’s also about credibility. When children go to parents with complaints, parents do not believe their children, thinking that all these are excuses for not taking lessons, due to which the children refrain from telling them anything. Trust is something that belongs to people. It is people who teach us to believe. And when they are deceived, man slowly begins to disintegrate. And when it comes to parents, it proves to be even more painful. Parents should have enough trust in their children to share with them everything they want to do.
It is surprising why the oppressors do not think that they themselves can come in the grip of oppression, they may have to feel the pain themselves. Tyranny and tyranny will not last forever. Nor is his story going to end. He himself will also come under this oppression. Verily, Allah is Just, Merciful. Not in this world, but in the Hereafter, you will surely come in his grip. Then with what mouth will he beg for mercy on the day of cruel doom? Doesn’t God know his iniquity? Did Not God see all that when they wronged unjustly ? I was watching at all. Then injustice will come into the hands of all those who have become unjust in the earth. The abusers and torturers should wait for their turn. Because this world is a process. His wheel will turn towards you. Therefore, let’s not make others victims of oppression, and do not become a victim of it.

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