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Turkish Elections and Our Elections

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is heading for the most difficult election campaign of his life. He is ruling on Turkey from two decades and once people sacrifice their lives against a military coup to protect democracy during his reign. But the situation at the moment is that compared to President Erdogan, the candidate of the six-party alliance, Kiladar Oğlu, is also looking very confident. The name of his six-party alliance is Nation Alliance, but it is also called the Table of Six because six parties with different ideologies have gathered in this alliance. And these parties want to make the rule of Tayyip Erdogan and his party Justice Party (AKP) a thing of the past by uniting with each other.Klikdar Oglu himself is the leader of CPH, which talks about social democracy and nationalism. But at the same time, they are accompanied by the parties of members who defected from Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice Party . Ali Baba Kan and Davutoğlu are important leaders of table of six. The Good Party has right-wing ideas and strong nationalism, while the Felicity Party has strong conservative and religious ideas. The Table of Six has expressed its political will in its manifesto that it will re-strengthen the parliamentary system by replacing the effective presidency established by President Erdogan. No other opinion can be established in this that despite twenty years of power, President Erdogan is still a favorite figure among his supporters and he also enjoys widespread support.But the recent earthquake in Turkey has greatly increased the difficulties for him. Fifty thousand people were killed in this earthquake, while 5.9 million people were severely damaged in Turkey and Syria. The important thing is that the complete rehabilitation of the earthquake victims on February 9 is not possible in such a short period of time and these are the areas that are considered to be the strongholds of President Erdogan. According to the estimate of the Supreme Election Council of Turkey, 1 million people of these areas will not be able to exercise their right to vote. And it is also a big challenge to deal with the terrible effects of this earthquake on the economy, at that time the inflation rate has jumped up to 85% there. In these circumstances, the concept has been established that record votes will be cast in Turkey. All this could lead to an upset for President Erdogan. But the important thing is that all the political leaders are in the competition and no one has been expelled by the courts. But use of supreme court has created havoc in the dear country
And the only reason for this is that the British-era aristocrats living in Lahore are not able to understand how such a fundamental change could have been brought about by the public’s preference for a member of a common family as a leader. A fundamental change in the politics of our country appeared very quickly and in no time the whole scene was overshadowed. The name of this fundamental change is Nawaz Sharif, who has changed the entire political structure and the axis of politics has become his personality and the effects of this situation are not limited to Lahore or Punjab only, but spread throughout the beloved country. Nawaz Sharif does not belong to this elite which was raised by the British. Now the politics revolving around such a person was and is intolerable for this elite. As many audios are coming out conspiring to end Nawaz Sharif’s politics, if you do the forensics of these people, the fact will come before you that all these people are the ones who belonged to this elite and assumed That now we will be on the throne, but what happened was that the people put Nawaz Sharif on the throne and these people could not remove him from this throne from the military coup to Saqib Nisarit. This class along with the caretaker government, General Musharraf, Imran Khan etc. tried their best to oust Nawaz Sharif from politics and if they succeeded in doing so, they believed and still believe that than they will regain their lost throne. I have not used the word throne in any rhetorical sense, but they consider themselves as rulers by birth and the people as subjects for life. But the current situation is that Nawaz Sharif’s Party ticket is a blank cheque of success , majority of people starts following the ticket holder. The thought of this elite led to the decision of July 2017, due to which the hearths of the dear country are still shaking and we don’t know how long it will continue. Since that action was taken by the High Judiciary, it should also be treated by the High Judiciary. The Chief Justice should not wait for a reference to be filed to prove innocense of Nawaz Sharif and then heal the wounds inflicted by the Supreme Court of Justice Saqib Nisar, but should do so at that time because if there is a need to hold transparent elections in the country. And if the violation of democratic values ​​is to be a thing of the past, then the practice adopted in the elections of 2002, 2008 and 2018 should be abandoned and Nawaz Sharif should be allowed to enter the political arena completely.
Otherwise, whether the general elections are held this year or if the assemblies extend their term by using the capacity given in the constitution, the credibility of these elections will be nothing but ashes Just like the extraordinary issue of Kashmir related to the dear motherland was burnt by Modi in 2019. I was in the United States in July 2019, so I stated in my column from there that a big event is going to happen in this region and it is being heard strongly in the United States. I have been writing frequently till the end of the Imran Khan government that what has happened in Kashmir includes the consent of the Imran government. At that time, a person stationed in the American embassy knows everything about who was doing what in Pakistan at that time. This figure still holds an important position in America. But now they are trying to put this extraordinary tragedy in the account of General Bajwa only and trying to save Imran Khan. These propagandists are afraid that if Imran Khan comes to power again as a result of some conspiracy, then we may not face any problems in collecting benefits from him. At least in this regard, journalists should tell the truth because a half-truth is more dangerous than lying.

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