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Trust you in the “overseer” I look for a guardian!

by naeem masood
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Naeem masood

With the help of binoculars and microscopes, there is no objection to any of the people who have found eye blind for the supervisory setup. There is no question of any good objection to the selectors. By the way, who are we to object? Our election is always a clash. For many days now, it has been feared that democracy will not be 100 percent convinced by any excuse that it will get an engineering degree!
In the past, democracy used to be afraid of engineers only, now there is a fear that mechanical or chemical or civil engineering may not get entangled while engineering democracy. Because over time, the growing variety of engineers on the technology of democracy is eager to kill the night blood in their own way: “In the season of butterflies, the nose is of the roses/ The sand is of this city and from the year forty-seven/ Seeing the birds is of marks, the sand is of this city and from the year forty-seven. “If human rights are protected, the nation will get peace. The improvement of the economy is necessary for peace and political stability is essential for this improvement. On the one hand, human rights, political stability and democracy stand with the heart, while the other is the troika between which the entire bureaucratic and technocratic system and the judiciary and the legislature come together.
Therefore, to forget the democratic forces and the Constitution and hope for economic stability would, however, be far-fetched. Which is an engineered or authoritarian system that we have not repeated? The experience that is desperately needed and more than ever before is the continuation of democracy. Continuity that is free from interference and hypocrisy. In the recent past, the PTI and PDM governments did not recognize the supremacy of the Constitution and the law in a manner that was desired, and both were overwhelmed by the lust for power. In the digital world, taking censuses into the category of Akhtar censuses is an avoidance of obstinacy.
The PTI’s decision to break provincial governments for getting out of the hands of the Centre was anti-economic, then the qibla was not correct in demanding elections. Now if the PDM and we again make excuses of Article 254, then there will be another excess. It has been repeatedly submitted that even in countries like the United States and Malaysia, the constitution leaves questions instead of answering many times, and sometimes the clauses seem to conflict with each other, sometimes the constitutional provisions remain silent. Not only this, most of the times the articles are also the exact opposite of popular politics. Now this is the point where the leadership gets rid of the deadlock by acting with dialogue, nuance and maturity, the institutions that interpret the Constitution or anyone else can not carry as much weight here as the political leadership and the people can!
If a half country brings together technocrats from all over the world or brings together retired judges and retired generals from all over the world or calls analysts from east and west and hands over the leadership of a country, they cannot strengthen its economy or society because every country but the region has its own culture, specific culture and unique challenges and these mysteries and mysteries are local, provincial. And only the national leadership can understand. Dealing with citizens is a science that does not have to be considered as medals, middle age, English medium or imported goods. It is also not appropriate that there should be limited education in the Center after the 18th amendment and a caretaker minister along with the M Special Assistant to Crime Minister should be appointed for “Isal-e-Reward”.
Justice is the cornerstone of a nation’s rise, which cannot be forgotten and imagined building. Our major problem is the lack of justice in the society, the lack of justice in a society is similar to the lack of iodine in a body. It is common sense that those judges, bureaucrats, journalists or intellectuals could not do justice to their affairs in their Shabab time. Does it need to be written down what is the status of our standard of justice globally? Justice has to be done by parliamentarians by their constitution and also by parliament, not just by judges with the plaintiff and the accused. Would anyone say that those who are called civil servants consider themselves civic servants? The problem is that the bureaucracy misses or misses. In such a situation, the role of the judiciary comes. Here the judiciary is the best remedy for the deteriorating bureaucracy. If the ideology of necessity from a civil judge to a high-level judge is settled in the veins, then the order deteriorates again?
Why don’t democratic forces and developed countries need to monitor the “watchdog”? So there is no need for a politician to have credibility. And here the politician has lost credibility even if a mindset has been created that is anti-democracy and anti-politics. That is why a large number of the guardians want the guardian to take care of the minority and no tragedy is born in Jaranwala, that the universities leave plagiarism and work on policy making, research, economy and innovation. Work on Article 10A of the Law. The bureaucracy should keep in mind the 7th to 28th constitutional provisions that Gulshan’s business should run. Sahibs should understand the duty of the right to power. Can’t we try to move forward by bringing the culture of introspection into the realm of mutual accountability? If you can’t, why? Who doesn’t want a consistent and transparent system of democracy? Does any “watchdog” rely on ad hocism? The truth is that political, socio-economic and constitutional and legal suffering is in search of a guardian!

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