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“The Kerala Story” was released.

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The Kerala Story

Before the election, the controversial anti-Islam film “The Kerala Story” was released.

In India, preparations for the release of the anti-Islam film “The Kerala Story” were completed before the election, and a request to stop its release has been filed in court. The film, made by Bollywood to propagate against Muslims, will be screened in Indian cinemas on May 5th. Several political and social figures, including the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Kerala, have labeled it as “propaganda.”

The film claims that approximately 32,000 women are missing from Kerala and that these women joined ISIS after converting to Islam and were sent to carry out terrorist activities in India and other countries around the world.

According to Indian media reports, the Chief Minister of Kerala has accused the film’s producer and writer, Vipul Amrut Lal Shah, of promoting the Singh family’s propaganda through this film.

The purpose of using the term ‘Love Jihad’ in this is to defame the state of Kerala by showing it as a hub of religious extremism.

Several social and political leaders in India have rejected the allegations made in the film and announced a boycott of the movie. ‘D-Company’ is currently trending on Twitter. However, the actress who plays the central character in the film, Ada Sharma, defended her film in a tweet, saying that “D-Company Story is not related to any election, agenda, or religion. It is about terrorism versus humanity.”

It should be noted that elections for the legislative assembly in the state of Karnataka, India, are scheduled to take place on May 10, 2023, so that all 224 members of the Karnataka legislative assembly can be elected.

The release of the film ‘D-Company Story’ before the elections is an anti-Islamic propaganda of Indian extremists, and a request was filed in the Supreme Court of India to stop its release, but the court has denied the hearing.

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