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The Extremes of Western World’s Liberalism

by Yasir Pirzada
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Yaser Pirzada

A group of slaves has been confined in a cage for many years. Their owners subject them to hardship, mercilessly beat them, and occasionally even kill one of them in a moment of negligence. One day, some of the slaves decide they want to break free from this life of fear and terror. Most slaves endorse this proposal, but a few wise slaves advise their companions to refrain and say that they won’t succeed in this revolt. They argue that their owners are extremely powerful, and it’s not wise to confront them. They suggest that it is wiser to record their protests peacefully in front of the owners. The prudent slaves agree, and their plea is accepted.

The following day, the slaves peacefully demand that their children should not be subjected to excessive hardship. They should be given food on time, and one day of rest should be allowed per week. The owners, on hearing these requests, exchange smiles and, in response, one of them raises his gun, shooting blindly into the group of slaves. The result is that four children and eighteen young individuals are killed.

This is an allegory for the cruelty Israel has imposed on Palestinians for the past 75 years. However, if anyone finds this allegory exaggerated, they should use any suitable language, such as racial discrimination, war crimes, detention centers, social penalties, and mass killings, to explain the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinians. This argument will be valid in every respect.

It’s apparent that Israel has been marketing its aggression, but this strategy is no longer working. This is why we are witnessing protests worldwide against Israeli aggression, despite Hamas’s attacks. In Muslim countries, support for Palestinians was present before, but this time, the Western public is at the forefront. France had previously imposed restrictions on pro-Palestinian demonstrations, but now, there are rallies taking place in large numbers. The same is true for other European countries, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The question is: will Israel relent under the weight of its military actions and if this attack by Hamas will damage the “cause” of Palestinians? In my opinion, Israel is trying to gain more time and, ultimately, this effort will not succeed. This is not just an emotional statement. If you look at the map of Israel, you will understand the situation. Israel is densely populated along its length, 263 miles from north to south and 71 miles in width. At one point, it narrows down to just 6 miles. The rest is desert. Around Palestine, there are the western border, Gaza, and Ramallah.

Israel is the only country in the world where missiles can be easily launched because the geography allows rockets to reach its cities from populated areas. And that’s what Hamas did. Do Israeli citizens want to live in such an environment? The simple answer is no. So, Israel has two options: first, it can prepare for the creation of two states, in which case the process of recognizing Palestine as a legitimate state will require them to provide a route between the Western coast and Gaza. As an independent state, Palestine can make defense agreements with any other state, which will be a threat to Israel’s existence. This is why Israel did not act on this option.

The second option is to combine Israelis and Palestinians into one state. At present, this is also not possible as the Palestinian population has exceeded the Israeli population. When combined, the Palestinian government will be established under democratic principles. This is why Israel continues to expel Palestinians from their homes to keep the ratio in its favor. Egypt and Jordan also do not open their borders for Palestinians for the same reason. If Palestinians leave their territory, the dream of a free Palestine will never be realized. So, Israel has only one option left: to eliminate the entire Palestinian population as they did during the Holocaust. Can Israel win this war by these means? My answer is no!

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