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The establishment of the King’s party

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

The establishment of the King’s party, but who is the king maker?

Even before the establishment of Pakistan, the Muslim League was divided several times, for example, the British government announced the Simon Commission headed by Sir John Simon in November 1927. Since no Indian was represented in this commission, Quaid-e-Azam announced his boycott but there was a revolt against him in the Muslim League. Sir Muhammad Shafi, Sir Fazl Hussain, Sir Feroze Khan Noon and a few other League leaders refused to obey Quaid-e-Azam’s order. On December 31, 1927, the Muslim League was divided into two parts, one meeting was held in Calcutta under the chairmanship of Quaid-e-Azam and the second meeting was held in Lahore under the chairmanship of Sir Shafi.
Syed Shamsul Hasan writes on page number 36 of his work “Plain Mr Jinnah” that the Muslim League members who were in favor of cooperating with the Simon Commission, held their separate meeting in Lahore on December 31 and January 1. In the name of All India Muslim League. A new political party was announced which was called Shafi League. Sir Muhammad Shafi became the president of this party while Allama Iqbal became its secretary.

Allama Iqbal turned back within 6 months, but Sir Muhammad Shafi took many years to integrate his faction into the Muslim League. Later, the Muslim League suffered further disintegration, but after the establishment of Pakistan, the Muslim League of Quaid-e-Azam was established under the political arrangement. How was the King’s Party formed in the name of the Republican Party while digging for the first time? This phenomenon is also very interesting. Until now, there was a tradition that whoever became the Prime Minister, the presidency of the Muslim League was also put in his cradle. But after the enactment of the 1956 constitution, there was a movement to free the Muslim League from the influence of the government. Now Chaudhry Muhammad Ali had to choose the presidency of the Muslim League or one of the prime ministers. If preferred, the chairmanship of the Muslim League was handed over to Sardar Abdul Rab Nashar. According to the details described in the book “Rudad Chaman” by the minister of that time, Pir Ali Mohammad Rashidi, “bureaucrats from Sardar Abdul Rab Nashar, i.e. Iskandar Mirza and Chaudhry Muhammad Ali’s first clash was on Dakar Khan Sahib’s question. Iskandar Mirza group believed that since Sardar Nishtar would not accept Dr. Khan Sahib, they used this opportunity to deflate Sardar Nashar’s balloon forever. So the work started on the plan to break up the Muslim League and form a new king’s party. Qudratullah Shahab writes that Iskandar Mirza was the king of manipulation and at the time this party was being formed. In those days, Iskandar Mirza was so busy with his office that he did not have time to look at the files. Therefore, during the meeting in Lahore, the political engineering experts changed the Muslim League into the Republican Party. The name of the new party was Republican Party. It was held that in those days the Republican Party was ruling in America as well.

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was on board two boats. Muslim League members called a meeting of the Muslim League at II Chandrigar’s residence, then the Republican Party meeting was held on the same day. Chandrigar himself went to the Prime Minister’s House to invite Chaudhry Muhammad Ali, but he Meanwhile, Iskandar Mirza also came. Chandrigar and Iskandar Mirza held the arm of Chaudhry Muhammad Ali and the tug-of-war began. Chandrigar was very weak compared to Iskandar Mirza, so instead of coming to the meeting of the Muslim League, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali joined the Republican Party. Reached the meeting. As soon as the Republican Party was formed, Iskandar Mirza became a king and Chaudhry Muhammad Ali’s position has become that of a mere puppet prime minister.
Ayub Khan has described the mental condition of Chaudhry Muhammad Ali in his book “Jas Rizk Se Ati Ho Parwa Zaminkotahi”. Seen in his office. Since he was also holding the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, I had to go to meet him in a defense context. He said to me, “My party has abandoned me. But now the matter is over. I said a few words to calm him down, but he was not healed, no, no. This matter has become very serious. Why don’t you take charge of this work and get rid of me from it?” I said, “Look, mention these things to your president, not to me, and think of a suitable way to get out of this confusion.”

After that, Ayub Khan’s Convention League, Fatima Jinnah’s Council Muslim League, Sheikh Mujib’s Awami League, Junejo League, PM League, Q League, Z League, F League and Sheikh Rashid’s Awami Muslim League, how many legitimate and illegitimate children? was born. But when the time came for the last experience of this kind, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which was already helpless and stumbling, was adopted. Another child has been born. If you look at its abbreviation in English, it becomes IPP, i.e. IPP (People’s Party) as if “Hein Kwakb Kuch Nazain Hain Kuch.” Apparently King’s Party is Jahangir Tareen’s “Isthakam Pakistan Party” but the real choice is someone else. The question is also that if the king’s party has been formed, then there will be a king and a kingmaker. To borrow a verse from Allama Iqbal’s Persian Masnavi published in 1915, “Hoshiar by Hafiz Sahba Gusar”.

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