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The Arrival of Nawaz Sharif

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

The return of Mian Nawaz Sharif, a three-time elected Prime Minister of Pakistan who had been labeled as “undesirable” each time, has been confirmed, and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is actively preparing for his reception at the Minar-e-Pakistan rally. The arrival is not planned at the airport; instead, he will most likely land at Islamabad by helicopter and may stay there for some time before proceeding to the Minar-e-Pakistan rally. There was no appeal for his reception at the airport because it was practically impossible to attend the airport and then immediately the Minar-e-Pakistan rally.

I observed today, while going to my office, that both sides of the road were adorned with PML-N flags and pictures of Nawaz Sharif. Besides that, I also met with the party’s workers, and perhaps more important than the rally itself are the meetings with those who have continued to support the party and Nawaz Sharif in difficult times. However, later on, an odd situation emerged: Who is with you and who is not? Voters were also left to their own devices, and their condition was not a concern. There was no one available to them for legitimate concerns, even in their government. But now, people are being reached, and their complaints are being heard.

However, my observation was that the “Man of the People” was somewhat distant from them. Nawaz Sharif used to meet both friends and foes, and he had continuous interaction with the people. His hand, in a figurative sense, was always on the pulse of the people. He would often hear their opinions during conversations with common people and would even seek their views on matters before making major decisions. Agha Hashar Kashmiri is said to have consulted various vendors in the market when he was sitting down to write a play for theater. If someone had a good idea, he would incorporate it into the play; otherwise, he would let it go. This was because their audience was the common people, and they represented their wishes and desires. Politicians and rulers also have a voter base that should not be isolated from them. Nawaz Sharif is a magician in this regard. He is in touch with both the common man and the elite, understanding the mental quality of both. He did not become Prime Minister of the country three times for nothing, and he was not removed from this position without reason.

Now, on October 21, Mian Sahib is returning, and the people will welcome him at the Minar-e-Pakistan rally. I can see a new enthusiasm and energy among disappointed people. They are convinced that this visionary leader will once again walk on the paths that are leading the country toward progress and represent the aspirations and wishes of the people. I must reiterate what I have previously said: At present, this group’s “silent wrestler” is far from being weak. People should not underestimate PML-N workers. I consider Muslim League workers as “tough wrestlers”; they do not remain silent when the time comes.

However, it does not mean that PTI has become weaker. This raw assumption should be taken from the heart. Imran Khan has cemented his supporters’ minds for the sake of the country. Whatever you say, they will blindly follow him. Therefore, it should not be a matter of misunderstanding or some kind of emotionalism.

I know that the leadership of the Muslim League is not ignorant of the current exorbitant prices and the people’s sentiments about them. The people continuously blame the previous government for their predicament and attribute all the hard measures of this period to them. In this period, the responsibility for all the decisions is not only on them but also on all the parties in the coalition government of those days. Now, Nawaz Sharif is returning, and it is hoped that no one will hinder the people from doing so. Nawaz Sharif is not afraid of imprisonment. He stood like a rock in very tough situations. If he becomes the Prime Minister of the country again, it may not be immediately, but after some time, the people will hear many good news stories. The country will progress, life will become easier for the people, and the caravan of progress and prosperity will start from where it was forcefully halted.

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