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The Accomplished Students of LUMS

by Gee Tv
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The students of LUMS have caught my attention for two reasons. Firstly, they boldly confronted the truth. Not necessarily through Jabber, but Sultan, facing the word of truth, was bombarded with rapid and pointed questions. Fearlessly, the students questioned the authority of the current ruler, asking why they arrived late to the event, who gave them the right to waste our time, and whether these discussions about prosperity are relevant in the present circumstances. Moreover, they challenged the patience of the ruling authorities for not announcing the election date, questioning if this was not a violation of the constitution. constitution .They asked if they had yet to take the oath under the body and if they were not accountable. One student even went further, asking about the origin of the suit worn by Zeb, pointing out its improper fitting, the trousers dragging below the ankles, and the coat sleeves being so short that half the shirt is visible. On another note, when there is neither an American war nor any wealth coming into our region, where did you get the fabric for your three-piece suit?

Secondly, the enthusiasm of the students at LUMS was of such a nature that if any courageous person had asked such questions, it would undoubtedly have made an impact. Another perspective is that the students of LUMS asked questions merely to undermine the ruling authorities. They neither cared about the alphabet of the constitution nor intended to criticize government policies by asking scholarly questions. They aimed to record the questioning with their mobile phones and upload it on social media to make it go viral. This is why they asked questions designed to embarrass the event’s guests. No one would dare to ask such questions if a trustworthy and powerful ruler were in place instead of the present ruler. Why go far; when the absolute ruler came to LUMS two years ago, friends had already taken out their mobile phones, recording the event. At that time, no one dared to ask Uncle, “Why are you doing this? This is not democracy. If you continue like this, how will there be a revolution in the country?”

No need to explain my opinion on this matter. Hopefully, I am not disrespecting these young people, nor do I wish that they refrain from asking sharp questions in the future. Instead, do it; before that, take a moment to reflect on your actions. These LUMS students are the same youth who, when they come out of their homes in their cars, do not care about any signals, and if a poor traffic warden tries to issue a ticket, they abuse him, threaten him with their father’s influence, and sometimes don’t even stop for a visa. Their sense of superiority is such that now they are becoming the talk of social media.

Regarding their boldness and disregard, the poll was opened that day when the absolute Tevda ruler came. That day, all these good children continued to listen to Uncle’s words, and no one’s conscience awakened. No one dared to ask what Uncle came to take from LUMS, his business here, and whether he was so important. It’s unnecessary to search for the meaning of these idioms in the dictionary; the children of LUMS fit them perfectly.

Similarly, Molana Hazrat also continued to come to deliver sermons in LUMS. At that time, no video went viral in which a child asked, “Why have you turned religion into a business? Is your lifestyle according to Islam, which you come to teach us?” Let me clarify that questioning the absolute Tevda ruler is not like entering the lion’s den; the good children’s sweat disappears there, and their efforts diminish. They can be given marks for at least questioning the ruling authorities according to their understanding. Let this tradition continue. Next time, they will also probably ask something from the absolute Tevda ruler.

But what to do? I am exaggerating. On the one hand, we keep complaining to young people that they need more political awareness, are engrossed in their own world, and have no interest in national affairs. On the other hand, if they sit down to ask some sharp questions, we are quick to criticize them. Yes, they can be given credit for at least asking questions according to their understanding. This social order has become so morally bankrupt that asking questions here is not to gain knowledge about something but to showcase one’s ability and superiority. Usually, Banu Qudsia said that the truth is not always bitter; it is the way of speaking the fact that is bitter. Along with telling the truth, we often humiliate others, expecting that only the truth is understood in our act of humiliation.

LUMS students have done just that!

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