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Terrorists Attack in Dera Ismail Khan, Youth Martyred

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DI Attack
Terrorists in Dera Ismail Khan carried out an attack using bombs and weapons, resulting in the martyrdom of a young man. The incident took place near the Toll Plaza on the CPEC route. Unidentified armed militants launched an assault on the Toll Plaza, and as a result of the exchange of fire, Constable Sher Alam embraced martyrdom. The armed terrorists then looted a considerable sum of four lakhs rupees from the Toll Plaza employees.

According to police sources, the armed terrorists attacked the police camp near Yarak on the Dera Bannu Road. The attack occurred during the night, and it involved modern weapons. The exchange of fire continued for several hours between the police personnel and the attackers. Additionally, reports of hand grenade explosions in the area were also heard. Approximately 15 to 20 police officers were present at the police camp near the CPEC Yarak Toll Plaza.

After a heavy exchange of fire near Yarak Toll Plaza, the attackers successfully managed to flee during the darkness of the night. Constable Sher Alam succumbed to injuries sustained during the firefight and was martyred. On the other hand, the Pakistan Army and Dera Police launched a strong counterattack, forcing the fleeing terrorists to retreat.

At this point, a significant police force arrived at the scene. Security forces and police initiated search operations in Yarak Toll Plaza and the surrounding areas.

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