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Talks with India and the deteriorating situation in Kashmir

by Siraj ul haq
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Siraj ul haq

Since declaring Kashmir a part of India on August 5, 2019, Modi has made the lives of Muslims not only in Kashmir but all over India miserable. The Modi government has said in its claim in the Supreme Court of India that after the implementation of Article 370, a new era of development has started in occupied Kashmir, trade and industry have increased significantly. The Human Rights for Jammu and Kashmir Forum, an organization of citizens of occupied Kashmir, which includes two retired chief justices of the High Court of occupied Kashmir, a retired justice of the Supreme Court, a former secretary and a former foreign secretary, and four senior-most bureaucrats, has termed these claims of the Modi government as completely false and baseless. The ground situation in the valley is completely different.A petition was also filed in the Supreme Court against the abolition of Article 370 by a serving Indian bureaucrat, which has now been appointed for hearing after four years and a five-member bench has been formed, which has been hearing the case on a daily basis since August 02, 2023. Shahbaz Sharif has invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for serious and meaningful dialogue for the second time in his 15-16 month tenure and advised Pakistan and India to get out of unnecessary conflict and hostility. Violations have to stop. Dialogue is essential for a just resolution of all disputes, including Kashmir.Shahbaz Sharif is also right in saying that India has violated the ± principled status of Kashmir with the controversial article of 2019. Our Rulers Have Been Begging For Talks With India For Years And India Is Constantly Showing Stubbornness And Is Putting A Writ Of Non-Faith In Me. The attitude of the Indian leadership has proved that talking to it is nothing more than playing the bean in front of a buffalo. Shahbaz Sharif himself believes that the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest and unresolved issue on the agenda of the United Nations, the situation in Kashmir has taken a worse turn due to India’s illegal actions of August 5, 2019. Our government, in its National Security Policy for 2022-26 last year, also pledged a just solution to the Kashmir issue and said that “Pakistan stands by its position on Kashmir and will continue to demand a just resolution of the Kashmir dispute.” A solution that is in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the UNITED NATIONS Security Council and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Un Secretary-General Guterres also reiterated in his statement that the Kashmir issue will be resolved in the light of UN resolutions, but till date the statements that have been made for the last 76 years have not been implemented. The Kashmir issue has been a threat to peace in South Asia for the last 76 years. The whole region is on a pile of gunpowder, a little spark can burn it in a moment, but Modi, who worships fire as a god, is bent on handing over the region to the flames of war. The People of Kashmir have been fighting for the completion, integrity and survival of Pakistan for 76 years, but our rulers forget it by making a policy statement every year. The present government has also done practically nothing. The founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam had described Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan, but the rulers imposed on the country for 76 years always disappointed the nation despite tall claims and promises of Kashmir’s independence. The Modi government abolished the constitutional status of Kashmir 48 months ago and since that day Kashmir has been under complete lockdown. There is a military gun on every house, markets are deserted and markets are closed. There is a shadow of fear everywhere and there are camps, educational institutions and hospitals are occupied by the army. The entire Kashmir leadership is in jails or under house arrest. The funeral of Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani was forcibly buried in the graveyard of Hyderpora after being offered under the supervision of the army and in the darkness of the night. The economy has collapsed. Crops and orchards have been uprooted in the fields and fields. Every day people are picked up from their homes and they are being subjected to the worst torture and torture in the ground and military torture cells and detention centers, so far millions of Kashmiris have been martyred for demanding freedom. Mothers, sisters and daughters are humiliated and humiliated. In these 48 months, more than 20,000 Kashmiri youth have been shifted from military torture cells in Kashmir to Indian jails and 30 lakh Hindus and 10 lakh other non-Muslims, most of whom are blind miscreants and goons in the anti-Muslim hostility of Shiv Sena, RSS and BJP, are being settled to change the proportion of population in Kashmir. Hindi has been introduced in offices instead of Kashmiri language. India is bending the rivers coming from Kashmir and diverting them, which will make Pakistan’s rivers dry and the land barren and the country will present a desert scene, but despite all this, Pakistan is silent, due to the negligence and negligence of the rulers, the United Nations and human rights organizations have maintained criminal silence on the atrocities in Kashmir. Those who promised to fight for the freedom of Kashmir till the last bullet and last breath have not taken a single step in four years. Every action of the government has been solved. It was the duty of the government to sit with the national leadership after the Indian move of August 5 and formulate a joint strategy on the Kashmir issue and use all its resources to implement it. Kashmiris and Pakistani people are waiting for the announcement of jihad by the government, it should have been that on returning from the United Nations, the former Prime Minister would have given a clear roadmap of Freedom of Kashmir, but the Prime Minister, who chanted the path of Tipu Sultan, sat quietly after the speech of September 27 and the words of the UN speech kept searching for him.۔ The PDM government is also following the same path. The government should sit with the national leadership and decide what strategy should be adopted to thwart Modi’s agenda of Akhand Bharat and free Kashmiris from Indian atrocities. Jamaat-e-Islami stands with the oppressed Kashmiris. We will continue to support the freedom movement of Kashmir! Instead of begging Modi for dialogue, kashmir’s independence requires dignified and courageous leadership, but there is no Mahmud Ghaznavi, Sultan Tipu and Muhammad bin Qasim in the ranks of these rulers. The former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir cried and asked the Pakistani rulers that how long will we continue to carry the bodies of our innocent children and jawans. The President of Azad Kashmir is disappointed with the attitude of the rulers. If those who ruled in the bungalows of Islamabad had the pain of Kashmiris in their hearts, the picture of a four-year-old innocent child and his grandfather was enough to awaken their pride and faith.Kashmiris are sacrificing their lives and iniquities for the love and freedom of Pakistan. In front of mothers, their innocent liver parts and young sons are cut like carrots and their mothers and sisters are raped in front of brothers. Innocent children cry and cry because of lack of milk. Modi fulfilled two promises of making Babri Masjid a Ram temple and Kashmir a part of India and now he is talking about attacking Azad Kashmir, while our rulers have not fulfilled any promise made to the nation. Kashmiris have been exploited for four generations, which has increased after August 5, 2019, while our rulers are retreating step by step. And instead of taking any action, they are making speeches and making policies just to show off. We do not want war, but India has waged war in Kashmir and along the LoC and continues this war. Instead of telling the world, the rulers are standing like cowards in front of Modi with folded hands. The rulers cannot speak the truth. The truth is that 240 million People of Pakistan and 15 million Kashmiris have stood up for their rights and now the time has come for this struggle to succeed. The nation has decided that despite the indifference of the rulers and indifference to Kashmir, the freedom movement of Kashmir will continue. We are still demanding that an OIC meeting be convened in Islamabad on the one-point agenda of Kashmir. Break the silence and make the world aware of the atrocities on Kashmiris. As long as you treat the snake as a rope and the enemy as a friend, you will suffer. Resolutions are not the way out. The United Nations and the Security Council have passed hundreds of resolutions on which India did not miss out. Now the matter has gone a long way from the resolutions, but the fact is that the resolutions have proved to be an escape route. The government has wasted a lot of time, now it should not waste any more time because they do not have much time now.

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