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Strong democracy, strong army two pillars.

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

What happened on the 9th of May was not a sudden incident, nor was it triggered by a temporary outburst that burned to ashes.It had objectives and the main objective was to thwart an important meeting on May 10. Because damaging the reputation of the army among the people has become very important for those forces who want to prove that India can do anything on the basis of its military power with the actions taken by India in Kashmir in August 2019 for Pakistan only standing in the sun has remained possible with regard to these measures.Comparing Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq was not only because of leaving power, but by making this comparison, people’s minds were being manipulated. The arguments that were given in the speech to justify the release of Abhin Nandan were given to prove weak Army? Criticism could be directed at the general who is tarnishing his uniform to make politics a puppet game, but it should never be that the memorials of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the security of the country are damaged and the army as The institution should be called bad.But the responsibility of this training is on the leader, what does he want? On June 5, 2018, I submitted a column entitled “Pur umeed Nawaz Sharif” regarding my meeting with Nawaz Sharif in the court. Everyone knows why Nawaz Sharif and his family were suffering from the worst conditions at that time.I had written that when I was talking to Nawaz Sharif, I had a newspaper with the picture of ( Martyre) Colonel Sohail’s children in my hands and at that time Nawaz Sharif’s eyes stayed on the faces of ( Martyre) Colonel Sohail’s children.And Nawaz Sharif said that I wish their father could be saved. And I could see the determination in the eyes of this optimistic person who was staring at the picture of the innocent children of martyred Colonel Sohail.When the leader keeps his thinking and behavior responsible even in such worst situations, then his supporters also act by distinguishing between the army and the generals who break the constitution. And where there is no such training, even the memorials of martyrs are trampled on May 9. And then the innocent children of these martyrs hug and cry from the burning, destroyed memorials of these martyrs.Even before May 9, the mind-set and strategy had been prepared that as soon as there was any legal arrest, the army was to be targeted. One of the goals was to achieve that Pakistan has now become so weak internally that it cannot compete with India. Then, Pakistan is making preparations to move forward on important steps regarding the security of its Islamic brother country, and a meeting in this regard was decided to be held on May 10. This meeting was sabotaged.Under the guise of these serious incidents, an attempt has been made to create an impression that if the army is facing security problems within the country, then what role will it play in the national security of another country. Imran Khan’s behavior was telling what he wanted to do and his arrest was not unexpected.A few days ago, when I met a British friend, he started asking in which case Imran Khan can be arrested? I replied that the case who starts from your country. A very clear and clear case of malpractice which will not require any lengthy legal explanations.The only problem is that the PML-N has not yet been able to inform its supporters even about its details. That is why Imran Khan’s supporters are still advocating for him. On the day Imran Khan was arrested, I received a call from Jalal Khan, a well-known cast and management accountant in Karachi, who is in love with Imran. I said that it will be released in two days, so he said that how do you know? I replied that this is not a science, it is a simple matter that the Chief Justice will not tolerate his arrest under any circumstances and that is what happened.A strong democracy, a strong army is the guarantee of Pakistan’s survival, if any one of these pillars is weak, then Pakistan is weak. If the people are with the army, then the power of the enemy becomes meaningless, just as the power of Russia proved meaningless in front of Ukraine. It was assumed that when Russia attacked Ukraine, it would be a wall of sand. But since the people were with the army, the nation showed resistance.Attempts were made to create a distinction between Russians and non-Russians, even though the President of Ukraine himself speaks Russian. But this conspiracy of differentiation failed. It has a great lesson for us that discrimination on any basis should not be allowed to come in between, the politics of hatred should be buried and the reputation of the army should be preserved otherwise East Pakistan remains a bloody chapter in our history.

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