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Salt Range on the Motorway. Death valley

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Salt Range on the Motorway.

This journey of about ten kilometers on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is a valley of death. There is a well of death, on the edge of which death is sitting with its mouth open. When we return from Islamabad to Lahore, after the point number 230 Color Kahar Interchange on the motorway, your car becomes an apple that breaks from the tree and flows towards the ground according to Newton’s law. It has to be controlled with extreme care, low speed and patience. It is such a dangerous descent that only a driver who has a normal journey on the motorway can predict it. The constant use of the brakes on this descent causes the brakes to heat up and the risk of brake failure increases dangerously. According to the official data, more than 3000 accidents have taken place only at point number 229 of the motorway, in which hundreds of human lives have been lost.

On the one hand, while we appreciate this revolutionary project of Nawaz Sharif and offer prayers to Nawaz Sharif while traveling on the highway, on the other hand, questions must be raised about the valley of death like Salt Range on the highway. That the design of this part of the motorway goes straight to death. Although all possible resources may have been utilized, the question arises as to why the GT road covering the same salt range is the safest.

In 2005, during the Musharraf era, a plan was drawn up to construct a 10-km long safe bypass on the Salt Range Alternative Motorway, which exits the Motorway before Kallar Kahar and then rejoins the Motorway. You can imagine the horror of this place by the fact that a multi-billion rupee project was prepared to avoid this place, but the project remained only on paper and no one paid any attention to it again. gave

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