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Role of social media in shaping public opinion:

by Javaria Nadeem
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javeria nadeem

Social media is the means by which we can exchange information, communicate with our relatives and friends, and express our views publicly. Social media is very important in our daily life. Due to the universal reach of social media, easy access and the capabilities of interchangeable content, it has become a powerful tool in today’s era through which people can directly develop their ideas. Social media plays an important role in shaping public opinion and sharing information. It allows people to connect with others from around the world and share their ideas and ideas on various topics. It can be a powerful tool for communication and raising awareness about important issues.
Vast platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have become knowledgeable sources of communication, news and information. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and everyone has access to social media. The role of social media in shaping public opinion has also been evident in various social movements. Social media has been used to mobilize people and create awareness about various social issues. #MeToo movement, for example, was mostly driven through social media. It provided a platform for survivors of sexual assault and harassment to share their stories and create awareness about the issue. Social media has also been used to raise awareness about police brutality and racial injustice.
Social media has also played a role in shaping public opinion on environmental issues. Climate change, for example, has become a major issue in recent years, with social media playing an important role in creating awareness about the issue. Social media has been used to share information about the effects of climate change and encourage people to take action to combat it.
Today, social media is making a huge impact on life. The fundamental difference of social media is critical to public formation. Now people do not influence their thoughts, experiences and opinions by western lifestyles, but they express them under their languages and cultures.It is commendable that in this era people have the energy to describe themselves under ideology and for this social media has become a prominent medium which generally improves the abilities of access, it provides opportunities for people to share their opinions and ideas with the public. Social media transcends geographical boundaries, enabling people around the world to access news and information from different sources and cultures.
Social media platforms increase access to specific topics or narratives through viral content and trending hashtags. These trends can quickly gain public attention and influence public discourse, shaping opinions on a variety of issues. Viral content can quickly shape public discourse and put certain topics at the forefront of collective consciousness.
Many social media users follow celebrities who often use their platforms to express their opinions. Their large following gives them the power to influence public opinion on specific topics or issues. They use these platforms to raise awareness, mobilize supporters and gain international attention. Social media is used to share educational content, research findings, and information resources, promoting learning and awareness on a wide range of topics. It is important to note that while social media has a powerful influence, it can also be a victim of misinformation and propaganda.Therefore, critical thinking and fact-checking is very important when using content on social media platforms. False or misleading information can quickly circulate on social media platforms, leading to a false opinion.
The speed at which information travels on social media can sometimes hinder critical review, resulting in the formation of public opinion based on unreliable sources. Social media platforms can also help reduce the spread of misinformation by verifying content before sharing it, giving users easy access to fact-checking resources. Media literacy education can help people identify fake news, propaganda and misinformation. Before sharing any content on social media, people need to learn how to assess sources, verify information and check accuracy. It is important for social media users to know the information they use.Critically evaluate it, verify its authenticity, and engage in civil discourse to promote informed public opinion on social media platforms.

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