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by Zainab Shabaz
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A trip is not about the destination it is all about travelling and discovering. For most of us, it can be epic or sometimes adventurous. But for me, it’s a kind of a challenging thing because we used to face a lot of things during our road trips or kind of trips. I can say that trip is a beautiful journey with different challenges. We used to discover a lot of things on the road or between places. If you think from my side, it’s a journey from A to Z, which is kind of an enjoyable thing. I love to travel to new places and experience different cultures.

Sometimes it can be unpleasant or uncomfortable but try to overcome the problems on your trip. I always used to find the joy and the surprising beauty on my journey. Because it always makes me feel alive. In short, we can say that it’s a kind of self-discovery thing. It gives us the opportunity to make memories with friends or family that lasts forever.

Whether I am travelling with my friends or family, it always gives me or you a piece of joy, happiness, or excitement. It always allows us to explore different places or areas of the world. A road trip is totally based on oneself because you can stop anywhere at any time to capture the views. Or also have coffee or have had to eat something, It is totally based on yourself. Sometimes you face some challenges during the trip like long hours of travelling might be tiring. Try to make sure the thing you need during your travelling such as the maps, snacks or emergency supplies. Try to make things easy for yourself don’t let it get on your nerves.

We can also say that travelling is all about having freedom. Whether you are travelling by car, bus, plane or train. You have the freedom to go anywhere at any time. It can be a fun and exciting experience. Trips are a fun way to travel, they are filled with great experiences, memories and many more. It is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family. If you are having mental health problems or you have any kind of anxiety or depression. Then you most probably will feel good or pleasant after travelling.

It is a kind of mind-pleasing thing which you experience slowly when you take an eye on beautiful views or scenes. It is always a breathtaking view for all of the people who travel. It’s creates a great scenario in our minds. Everybody loves the quiet and the calm meals, the new experiences, meeting up with different people, long and messy walks and the new places we explore and visit, hiking and camping etc all this kind of small activities make us feel alive in a beautiful way.

If you travel with a small group of people that might consist of 12 to 15 persons that they are really unknown to you, it makes a great bond between you and the people you are travelling with. Shared interests and experiences tend to bind people together very quickly, all sharing the experiences with each other. You make a lot of friends and memories by travelling with a small group of people that are completely unknown to you. The limited size of people means more fun, less wasted time, more friends and less stress.

Having a small trip with strangers turned out into a family because you share everything during the period of travelling. Having someone who can handle emergency situations, local medical knowledge, current events, tickets, and updated travel restrictions is one of the major benefits of having a trip with a small group of people. I think it’s a great thing to travel with strangers who soon turned out to the family. You connect with different people with different mindsets. It is social connectivity activity that everybody should go and experience.

Last year I visited different places in the Northern areas of Pakistan with travel agencies and I had a great experience with them. Our government has lifted all the travel hurdles for visitors from all around the globe. We visited around 5 places in north Pakistan and it was Naran Kaghan, Hunza Valley, Skardu Valley, Fairy Meadows, and Naltar Valley. Every place had a breathtaking views and scenes and sometimes it feels like it is an artificial thing. How beautiful it is! An unreal thing, but for sure it is a creation of our ALLAH, how can we deny this or say that it is artificial? Our north of Pakistan is heaven for those who seek adventure. North has all-heightened mountains, lush green valleys and lakes.

We were able to explore around 20-plus lakes in a single tracking trip to Kaghan. You will not believe what you see when you are standing right in front of this glory. The majestic beauty will let you realize the true meaning or concept of nature. It’s a quote that you should always leave behind your worries when you travel to the mountains.

Pakistan is the best place for every kind of tourist because in Pakistan there is a variety of beauty due to which many tourists come here to visit. Tourists come and spend quality time there, clicking photos of nature. During my trip to the north, we also meet up with different tourists from different countries, sharing our cultures and languages with each other was a great experience for all of us. I think everybody should go on a road trip at least once a year. It broadens your views and imagination, you used to learn a lot of different things like culture, language, making of food etc. In short, I enjoyed my road trip a lot.

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