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People become stars because of their fans – Ismail Mahmood

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bushra ansari

Ismail Mahmood, a senior actor, expressed his admiration for various artists during an interview. He mentioned that he holds Bushra Ansari in high regard, consider Sahir Ahmad Warraich a versatile actor, and believes Saba Qamar to be the most beautiful actress. In the interview, he also shared his fond memories of Lahore, where he has been living for a while.

He noted that he can never forget the memories of Lahore, and even now when he visits, he makes sure to go to his old neighborhood in Sanda and meet some childhood friends. Many of his friends have since moved to different places, leaving the area.

Ismail Mahmood shared an interesting tidbit about his career, mentioning that he first portrayed the character of Khwaja Sira (a transgender person) in the popular TV drama series “Jangloos.” Before that, no one in Pakistani television had ever been cast in such a role. In this character, he was known as “Reema,” and the drama serial gained immense popularity.

Furthermore, he mentioned his role in the Karachi-based sitcom “Bulbulay,” which brought him significant recognition and where his character’s name was Mahmood. He also highlighted the affection he receives from children, who often call him “Uncle Mahmood” and take selfies with him. Ismail Mahmood expressed his belief that people become stars because of their fans, and it’s essential to respect and appreciate them.

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