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Pakistani-American Diplomat Applauds Dual Success: Pakistan and U.S. as Pinnacles of Excellence

Ambassador Masood Khan Celebrates Pakistani Doctors' Triumphs in America, Stresses Unity for Collective Growth

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Pakistani-American doctor Masood Khan emphasized the valuable contributions made by both Pakistan and the United States. Speaking at the 10th annual event of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) in East Pennsylvania, Upper Delaware, and Southern New Jersey, Ambassador Masood Khan highlighted Pakistan’s practice of sending its finest individuals to the U.S., resulting in achievements surpassing expectations in American territories. He expressed pride for the Pakistani community residing in Pakistan and across the globe, particularly emphasizing the significant value Pakistani-origin doctors bring to both countries.

Ambassador Khan’s address shed light on the profound success stories of Pakistani-origin doctors in the U.S., urging a continued belief in Pakistan’s capabilities and contributions. He asserted that if individuals can achieve success, then Pakistan surely can, showing full confidence in the country’s potential. Despite facing challenges, he assured them that this period would mark a moment in their history as they progress and succeed through an elevation process.

Highlighting Pakistan’s extensive progress across various sectors despite lagging in certain domains, Khan emphasized the increasing human capital and success of Pakistani-Americans in pivotal sectors of American society. He encouraged unity within the Pakistani community, not merely for representation but for integration into the mainstream American narrative, acknowledging their competence and potential.

Additionally, Ambassador Khan acknowledged the growing influence and impact of Pakistani-Americans in the political horizon and other significant spheres of American life. He praised the services of Tariq Khan, a member of the Pennsylvania State Assembly, for his recent introduction and success in the assembly regarding a government holiday on Eid al-Fitr. During his speech conclusion, Ambassador Khan expressed gratitude for the collaboration during the country’s challenging times, extending thanks to Dr. Haroon Durrani and other leaders. He also recognized the contributions of Dr Imran Aamer, Dr Farhan Tahir, Dr Junaid Chaudhry, and Dr Shehla Sadiqi, underscoring their collective efforts.

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