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“Pakistan Stock Market Hits Record High, Crossing 62,000 Points Mark

by Gee Tv
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In the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the benchmark PSX-100 index crossed the milestone of 62,000 points, reaching an all-time high. On the first day of the trading week, the PSX-100 index surged by 758 points, hitting a peak of 62,449 points. The Pakistan Stock Exchange has been witnessing a significant upward trend in trading for the past several days, recording an impressive 52.78% increase in the PSX-100 index so far this year.
Simultaneously, in the interbank market, the value of the dollar saw a decrease of 26 paisas, reaching the level of 284 rupees and 70 paisas. It’s notable that there has been robust momentum in the stock market’s trading activity for the past few days, with the PSX-100 index marking a substantial 52.78% increase this year.

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