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Thinking unnecessarily or beyond necessity.

While returning from a tour of the fields, I saw some plants that appeared to have grown randomly without any particular arrangement. Seeing them, a thought involuntarily came to my mind…

“Our thinking’s jungle.”

I chuckled at the thought and used my mobile camera to capture a photo of the jungle of thinking.

As I walked back home, I wondered if it was really the jungle of thinking. If it was, how did it come into existence? The answer was that it was an empty and fertile land that was readily available with water, air, and light, which was sufficient for the growth of the jungle plants, roots, and grasses.

If our mind is empty, then thoughts without reason continue to arise within it. We even think about things that may not even exist.

Just as we cannot stop unnecessary plants from growing on empty land, similarly, a mind without standard thinking does not stop from thinking without reason.

Before turning the fertile land of your beautiful mind into a jungle of overthinking, start planting seeds of positive thoughts on that land and keep them in mind every day so that negative thoughts cannot grow there.

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