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Old Thugs

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar barlas

Those who have been in power for the last 40-50 years have taken many turns and are now saying that “if they get the opportunity now, they will change the destiny of the nation”. Wonder what these priests of power did in the given occasions? These jugglers do such dramas before every election. Looking at them, one remembers the story derived from Arabic literature, the story is as follows, “For the sake of stealing, a vicious and skilled thief dressed in expensive clothes, dressed as a respectable sheikh and went inside a shop in Sarafa Bazar.” As soon as the goldsmith saw the noble-looking sheikh with a light face in his shop, he felt as if his false fate had turned green. In the small shop, he happily got up from his seat and went ahead and greeted Sheikh. The master thief dressed as Sheikh said to the goldsmith that there will be a purchase from you, but first show your generosity in building the mosque, even if it is one dirham.
The goldsmith handed over a few dirhams to the Sheikh, while a girl, who was actually a thief’s co-worker, entered the shop and went straight to the Sheikh and kissed his hands, and prayed for the blessings of her family in a pleading tone.
When the goldsmith saw this amazing scene, he said, “O respected Sheikh! I’m sorry for the ignorance, I didn’t recognize you.
The girl was surprised, she said to the goldsmith, “How unfortunate are you, the cause of blessing, knowledge, grace and sustenance has come to you and you are unable to recognize it.”
The girl pointed to the Sheikh and said that he is the famous and well-known Sheikh of such and such area, who has been enriched by God with abundance of knowledge, abundance of wealth and all kinds of worldly blessings. They don’t need anything but the good of human beings, people yearn for their sight. The goldsmith said to the Sheikh, “Mr. Sheikh! I apologize, all my time is spent in this shop, I am unaware of the outside world, so I did not recognize a chosen person like you.
Sheikh said to the goldsmith, “No matter what, man is thin of sin, God likes the person who is unhappy with the mistake.” Take this handkerchief of mine now and wipe your face with it for seven days, after seven days this handkerchief will bring you a blessed sustenance that you would not even expect. The goldsmith took a handkerchief with respect, kissed it, put on his eyes, and wiped his face, only then he fell unconscious. As soon as it fell, Sheikh and his fellow girl cleaned the goldsmith’s shop and got dizzy.
When four years had passed since this incident and the goldsmith had forgotten his loss by washing the cry, suddenly two officers dressed in police uniform came to the goldsmith’s shop, with these officials was the same Sheikh who had cleaned the goldsmith shop four years ago, but today Sheikh had handcuffs in his hands. The goldsmith recognized him as soon as he saw it.
A policeman came to the goldsmith and asked, “Do you know this thief?” because the judge
Your testimony is necessary to get punished. The goldsmith said, “Why didn’t he rob my shop by making me unconscious in such and such a way?”
The policeman went to The Sheikh and opened his handcuffs and said, “Just as you had committed the crime of looting the shop, he should repeat the whole process so that we can write the procedure of the incident and present it before the judge along with the witness and charge you.” Sheikh said that I entered the shop like this and said this, and my helper girl came, she talked so and so, then I took out the handkerchief and gave it to the shopkeeper. Asking him his mouth made him unconscious.
The policeman took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Sheikh, Sheikh went to the goldsmith and offered him the handkerchief in the same way, then the policeman said to the goldsmith, Sir, you turn the handkerchief on the face in exactly the same way as you did that day. The goldsmith did the same and he fell unconscious again. Sheikh looted the shop again with the help of his friends who disguised themselves as policemen.”
Our politicians are also of the same style who sometimes deceive people in one form and sometimes in another disguise. In the last 40 years, the fate of the people has not changed, but the property of our big politicians has spread from the United Arab Emirates to Britain and America, including Europe, Canada and Australia. There is nothing but humiliation on the part of the people. Old thugs are again laying a trap in front of new elections, says Ahmed Faraz
The leaders also seem to be from the nobles.
I don’t know where the caravan will fall.

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