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My narrative, my election

Pakistanis born in the last decade of the 20th century

by akmal soomro
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akmal soomro

Pakistanis born in the last decade of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century have directly witnessed national political tragedies. Zia’s dictatorship gave political identity to the families in the lap of politics, the same families dominate national politics today. Sometimes sitting in Islamabad and sometimes sitting in London, these families shadow the national political horizon—sometimes as demons, sometimes as shadows, sometimes like shadows. These families have been raising the slogan of changing the national destiny for 40 years. In the two major democracies of the world, the United Kingdom and the United States, only two political parties remain in power, and no one person’s dictatorship has been imposed in these parties. Pakistan, a backward democratic country of the third world, is also ruled by two political parties, but both political parties have a family dictatorship under the guise of democracy. Dictatorship of the family, national democracy, and personal decisions are considered democratic decisions. This tragedy in Pakistan’s national democracy is strengthening the dictatorship in the homeland.

It is the period of new elections, and the atmosphere of political fortune-telling is being created, but this fortune-telling is of a hybrid nature in which the republic is being managed to be minus again. In 2019, Muqtadra provided a way for Nawaz Sharif to move to London through the judiciary. Despite being a prisoner, the stage for Nawaz Sharif at Minar Pakistan is being staged. Is the meeting possible? Against the will of the ruling body, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman started a political movement, despite the overwhelming majority in the 70s election. He was declared a national traitor and locked up in jail, and Bangladesh was made by chanting the slogan “You.” When Bhutto raised his voice against the will of the governing body, he was buried in the Land of Garhi Khuda Baksh. When the ruling body was challenged by Imran Khan, his entire party was destroyed. Those who challenged the Hiyat Hakeema on GT Road in the past are now riding on whose shoulders and returning to their homeland with the wish of the future Raj Dhani? If this shoulder belongs to the Republic, then where did Nawaz Sharif’s Republic disappear for 4 years? If this shoulder belongs to the ruling party, then why is it the slogan of Jamhoor?

At Gujranwala’s political speech, I had said that Nawaz Sharif would now be willing to compromise more with the ruling body. Then that happened. Matters were settled in London before Bajwa’s departure, and under these matters, posters of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have been put up on the streets of Lahore. The date of the election has not been fixed, the election has not taken place, and putting up the posters of the Prime Minister is very meaningful. Like London, Jeddah is also considered the center of global colonialism. The Pentagon’s decisions are implemented in Pakistan through London and Jeddah. How the Pentagon will interfere in the next election will become clear in a few days. For me, it is very important to review the return of Nawaz Sharif and the new political wave in Pakistan.

The ruling elite is adept at riding political horses, a skill they have inherited from their colonial heritage when Indian elections were conducted under the supervision of the military from 1920 to 1946. The ruling body has created a political stable to run the state of Pakistan, and from this stable, horses of their choice are sent to the halls of power, a black horse today and a white horse the next. And after the partition of India according to the needs of the neo-colonial state, this same martial race has become the political elite of the country due to the development of the political race of Pakistan. If Nawaz Sharif reaches Minar Pakistan and gives a political speech, then this political speech will become the basis of the next election. In this political speech, the former, including General Bajwa, General Faiz Hameed, Saqib Nisar, and Imran Khan, will be attacked and held responsible for tearing the pages of national destiny. Is this election narrative marketable? Or will the intellectuals of the broadcast media be used to make this narrative salable? The ruling body of that time was oppressive, but the ruling body of today? I am sure that Irfan Siddiqui will be working day and night on the text of the speech to create some kind of narrative this time.

In 2018, after the government of Imran Khan, the governing body was embedded in the institutions, and when Shahbaz Sharif was appointed as the prime minister, the strength of the governing body was strengthened. It was unannounced. Since Pakistan is a laboratory state, every time a new project is launched, Jamhoor is ready to launch a new project in Pakistan in 2024. This project will actually be a continuation of the Ayub martial law implemented in Pakistan. The People’s Party is determined to be a part of this project, but the terms and conditions are yet to be decided. What luck have Pakistanis also had? They get rid of Zia and Musharraf, and then the same Nawaz and Zardari stand to welcome them.

Voters who are eager to vote in the election must ask the political leaders of their respective constituencies to give us the document where the economic development, educational development, and social development plan of Pakistan is written so that we can read it and form our opinion. By the way, the Constitution of Pakistan has given constitutional protection to the opinion of the Prime Minister, but there is no guarantee of life and financial protection for the use of the opinion. Whoever uses the opinion can be hanged on the board, even with explosives. Y can be blown up, and prisoner number 804 can also be made, so if you want to save your life in the election season, then just raise one slogan, my narrative, and my election, and my general will decide. It is forbidden to teach national thought, national philosophy, national thinking, and the concept of national autonomy in the curriculum, and the punishment for touching a forbidden tree is to be severed from the body, severed from the body.

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