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My dear brother Suhail Warraich

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

My dear brother Sahil Wardaich is my favorite columnist, anchor, and analyst. He is a reasonable and well-liked personality. Humility and modesty are another bright aspect of his personality. Despite being highly educated, his writings and conversations never make me feel inferior. I have a lot of love for him because he also loves me a lot. God willing, I have started with those things that are genuinely from the heart, so he won’t make false claims about me when the opportunity arises.

As far as I know, Sahil Wardaich has not written any columns for about a year. If I’m not mistaken, his last column was probably published in April 2022, which was about Hamza Shehbaz and shed light on many aspects of the Sharif family’s Scion. Now, his column is published today, after about four years, regarding the return of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan from London and the possibility of his premiership.

Sahil’s column also reflects his balanced thinking. He writes that the matter is not just between the establishment and Nawaz Sharif, but the cooperation of friendly countries with Pakistan is also under consideration. So, it seems that the assistance from friendly countries to Pakistan has conditions attached, which require bringing a political figure who can guarantee long-term economic policies. According to Sahil Wardaich, if this hadn’t been settled, they wouldn’t have returned. It also seems likely that if they return on October 21, they won’t go to jail but will be given relief and handed a free hand in the political arena. It is also almost certain that if they return, elections will be held without any delay, and decisions about the future of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and its chairman will need to be made quickly.

Sahil Wardaich has presented his perspective on the future, and his integrity shines through. However, he has also discussed certain matters that require further clarification. Overall, he has said that Nawaz Sharif may come back to take revenge and will undo what he and his party did. He believes that it is not in the interest of democracy and its continuity to do so. Sahil Wardaich mentioned that during a meeting with Nawaz Sharif in London, he also conveyed these same ideas.

Regarding the possibility of reconciliation with the PTI chairman, Sahil Wardaich mentioned in his column that before the New May event, they had three meetings with the chairman. In one of the meetings, Mujeeb-ul-Rehman Shami was also present. The second meeting was held with Imtiaz Alam and his delegation, and the third meeting included prominent TV anchors from Islamabad and Lahore. The focus of these three meetings was that the government should negotiate with the political parties in power. But the Chairman’s stance was that they wouldn’t negotiate with corrupt politicians. They were given another suggestion to sort out their messed-up affairs with the establishment. They said they were in contact with the establishment, but no positive response was coming from here.

These sentences indicate that the chairman continued to refer to corrupt politicians, not only persistently but also damaging their reputation. Their followers have created a market for abusing and cursing, both in London and Pakistan. This has also caused a chain of accusations against politicians who disagree with them. Now, how will the chairman reconcile with these corrupt politicians, who have been kept in the worst jails and subjected to character assassination in every way? How will this reconciliation take place and on what terms? These thoughts, along with the future in the backdrop, raise questions about how, after dealing with the establishment, they will forget everything that was done, including the military appointments and martyrs’ monuments, and the severe abuse that continues against the army and its leadership.

Furthermore, in the present situation, how will a possible PML-N Prime Minister deal with it and ensure his party’s full participation in the elections? In my opinion, all of this is not just fact-friendly but marks the beginning of a democratic sequence that will be very difficult! We hope that Nawaz Sharif will find the virtues within himself, forget all that he did to his party and the country, and lead the country on the path of progress as he did in the past, which is why the nation needed him after every crisis.

In conclusion, Sahil Wardaich has rightly emphasized that no one should be treated unfairly, and no one should be made a target for revenge. Justice should be served to everyone according to the Constitution and the law, with no one exempted from the rule of law!

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