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Light in a Divine City

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar barlas

At dusk on Friday, in a hotel in Lahore (where Quaid E-Azam used to stay), guests were arriving in the hallway. As usual, the late inauguration of our events arises when people like us are prompt on time. When I entered the corridor along with my dear student, Sheraaz Ali Khan, I found my two collegiate friends talking cautiously. Anyway, I advanced towards them, one TV compere, Anwar-ul-Haq, who gives wisdom talk about books, and another, Amjad Wattoo, an old actor in the industry but currently the spreading light in the divine city. They met genuinely. Anwar-ul-Haq started talking in my columns, while I kept seeing Amjad Wattoo and reflecting on the past. That is the same young man who was an active member of the Dramatic Society of GCUL but is now serving the Devine retainers in the city of God. How the two Pakistanis settled abroad while sitting on a bench after an ending delicious meal, met Amjad Wattoo, how the assistance mounted, how the lady from Narowal living in Saudi Arabia offered her big contribution to the services, Amjad Wattoo told this narrative in a moment. He is inspired by prisoner No. 804, taking from him the spirit or services Amjad Watto came back otherwise, along with his brothers, he had settled in Britain; patriotism pulled him back. In this love, the warmth of assistance was added, and now kindness has gained the rank of more love than love. Since the beginning of education, it was decided to name this project “Noor” (Light), and then many areas of life were added to the Noor Project where services were required. Just read the details of these projects so that you can get an idea of where the Divine Retainers have cast their services. The ceremony began in the name of Allah, the national anthem was read, and then Noor ul Hassan presented his words in the light of wisdom. There was a lot of applause for a long time when Amjad Wattoo was called on stage and talked in detail about the Noor projects. In his address, Amjad Wattoo said, “I am grateful to God first; I would like to mention all my members here. Currently, about 130 staff members are contributing to this noble cause. A 60-bed hospital is being built for $5.2 million, which includes treatment of all types of patients. At present, a sum of $2.2 million has been collected through fundraising. We are bringing foreign exchange all over the world and spending it on the needy in the City of God. In addition, a dialysis center is going to be set up. We have the entire responsibility of educating 600 children and girls. 25 pretty girls play hockey at the National Hockey Stadium, and it is compelling that 14 of them are going to play for Pakistan Under-14. They will represent Pakistan. Our school girls won 15 Gold Maedels in Judo Karate; it is a great honor not only for us but for the whole of Pakistan. I have given all my assets to this project. One day I thought that the poor man’s first need was bread, owing to this need, 3 years ago, I opened an oven and put 200 loaves of bread in a box with it and said that if any poor man came here, he should be given free. Od the Exalted has blessed it, and when the service is blessed by the one who blesses it, the chain is widened. Today, 3 years later, on behalf of us, 780 ovens are working in Lahore. From these ovens, about 3-5 lakh rotis feed people every month. I am glad to say that goodness is alive in our people. I put the money once in the box next to each oven, and I found no need to put money again. I have no idea which angel is putting his services into this work. My dear countryman! We are giving technical education to children, In this regard, 10 courses, including Amazon, Web Design, and Graphic Design, are being taught. The number of courses will be increased after the building is built. Based on our dedication to serving humanity, I am saying that we will provide 6,000 skilled children to the world every year.

Translation by Muniba Kiran

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