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India’s Malice

by Muhammad Mehdi
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An international webinar was organized by the Ambassador’s Society, during which I had a conversation with someone from Pakistan. I said that there is no doubt that Dr. Ambreen Kaur has rendered invaluable services for the rights of the lower castes in British India and then in India. However, it is a sad fact that there is a serious violation of human rights in India at every place where the desire for freedom against the nexus of the current Indian aristocracy exists. By abolishing the special status of Occupied Kashmir, India has sent a clear message that it is not ready to listen to the voices of Kashmiris. And now, it wants to hold the J20 conference in Srinagar to show the international community that it has no intention of stopping its Indian ambitions even if the world opposes it. This situation is a worrying matter for Pakistan with respect to its stance on Kashmir. Pakistan does not want this conference to be held in India, but it wants the conference to be accepted by the United Nations as a demand for the self-determination of the Occupied Kashmir region. In this regard, Pakistan should use effective diplomacy, not just traditional diplomacy, and should also seek the services of influential individuals who have an impact in those countries.

Our dear friend Turkey is included in the G20, Turkey can be persuaded to our position, then Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are also included in this organization. In Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif was given protocol in a way, so it feels like he is the most influential person in Pakistan at the moment and the future Prime Minister, so it is possible to benefit from his prestige and make both these countries on the same page. There is no need to only have diplomatic relations with Muslim countries in support of our position, but it is necessary to establish relations with other countries in this regard. For example, Italy is standing with us against the addition in the United Nations Security Council. The German Foreign Minister spoke about Kashmir while standing in Islamabad and Berlin, and adopting the same position at two different places means that they support our point of view on Kashmir. After their statements, there was a lot of uproar in India. In addition, Britain has adopted a principled position on the issue of Sikhs, which is very good, but Britain should also support a principled position on Kashmir. Because this issue is either left unresolved or created by Britain.

It is easy for Pakistan to put China in one boat. America talks about human rights all over the world but doesn’t bring up India, and continues to report on human rights violations there. The purpose is to make America understand that effective practical wisdom can be prepared in this regard. Anyway, nowadays India’s thin Sheikh Hasina is standing in parliament and speaking against America, saying that America wants to change their government. When they cannot show any performance, they criticize democratic leaders, imprison their opponents, and then blame America for all these actions that they themselves are doing. We have seen this attitude in Pakistan too, where those who were dismissed due to their actions, accused America of playing with public emotions. Speaking at the Yom-e-Quds ceremony in the cultural center, I also said that the ummah is facing two issues, Palestine and Kashmir. Some Muslim countries have accepted Israel. Therefore, there should be one voice of the ummah on these two issues, otherwise, the problems will continue to increase. Participated in the ceremony of the Al-Amin Academy, which is providing great services for the preparation of CSS. I appreciate the services of Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Sahir Wardag, and Zia-ul-Haq Naeem-Bunni. May Allah grant them further success.

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