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Incorrect common mistakes in Urdu- 5 –

by Gee Tv
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Momentary companions of the world of words, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are starting the last lecture of our series of Urdu darus.

Spelling and pronunciation:

Due to the inattention of our semi-literate generation to Urdu, the new generation’s indifference to Urdu is due to many reasons. Such mistakes include the use of axle, zir, zubar, pesh… and the use of tahrir, etc.
See the example:
In Arabic, if you read it under the z, it means the one who waits ( faal ) – if you read it with a zabar on the z, it means – what is waiting (mufawal) – so are many other words.
An Arabic word. Which was used in the Holy Qur’an- Ahsan-ul-Qass, Ahsan calendar — in our country, this name is used as an adjective, and it is called ‘Ahsan’ as a fashion. If there is a interrupted and it is named wrong, this mistake is maintained as it is. Although it is a word of the Qur’an and the Qur’an defines its meaning. That is why it is a mixture of three words, the Arabic word insha-Allah. In Urdu, it is often used by writing Inshallah, whereas insha Allah it is right and clear to write in this way. which is wrong.
Arabic word. Morality is also read only because there is a general impression that the people of Punjab. They use zabar more often- its correct pronunciation is — it is a blank — (however, read the page to the page. If you read every day, it is wrong. )
The example of Assalamo alaikum has already been given- it is also an Arabic composition. That’s how he should write and speak.
One word – naqad peace – which would have been written as peace because of the sahoo scribe. Even today, in the newspapers , the fear of peace is written – (A few newspapers, including war – he corrected this mistake a few years ago . . .The Arabic verb is ‘iqra’, which means ‘read’, it’s not a noun, but in most of our Muslim families, their daughters are named ‘iqra’ as ‘tabrik’. (Those who have kept it, they go down to the unintentional act of this mistake and run over the one who points out the mistake… Keep your knowledge with you, there are other such mistakes.) Sometimes he gives an absurd and unmatched example of such a mistake in favor of his mistake that as a member of the nation, he gets burnt to the kebab, for example, the constitution of Pakistan has not yet been implemented, you are removing our mistakes.

According to Iqbal

,آئین نو سے ڈرنا طرز کہن پہ اڑنا
منزل یہی کٹھن ہے قوموں کی زندگی میں

When his name was pointed out to a gentleman, he got fed up and said, “The world has reached the moon, you are still trapped in the circle of darkness. It is not my job to send it to the moon, those whose work is doing it. I’m not stopping them, nor will they get a ticket to the moon by checking the wrong or correct pronunciation of those who go to the moon. To call our things bad as fashion or to believe only our own things under ignorance – both of these behaviors point to our intellectual weakness. Every dominant civilization leaves its impact on the oppressed civilization. There is nothing bad about it, but it is not a good thing to simply copy them without any utility.
However, let us return to our topic. In poetry, both mah and mah are used. But when we name someone Mah Vish, we call him ‘Mah Vish’ with great care. The original pronunciation is ‘Mahush’, in the same way, Shamsher means sword. When we name it someone, shamsher (Ali Khan) uses zuber on the other sh.
they call. urdu
In the case of naming also, the prevailing attitude is useful … we take into account the prevailing words and good sound – the meaning is ignored – for example, the tyrant name is often kept. But we do not think that ninety-five percent of its ninety-nine names are also of Rahimi and Karimi. Not only mantakam, qahar, jabbar, jabir. What are they calling tyrants? Do you name him after other names of Allah? Not! Many names of Allah choose such names because of their favorite sound. And the proof is that this is the name of Allah.
Likewise a name. Shams-ul-Qamar is also kept- which is absolutely meaningless, but its sound is also good – it is written in the Qur’an – Wal Shams wal-Qamar – but Shams-ul-Qamar is not written. It is also written that Parvez was not named in Muslim families in reference to the unfortunate Khusro Pervaiz. But the name of the great scholars is also Pervez). However, a little caution is also necessary in this regard, especially in the case of naming in Arabia and Ajam. It is better to keep this in mind (I do not want to get away from the topic by quoting examples of names and their literal meanings).

Thanks to Muhammad Zaheer Badar

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