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Imran Khan’s arrest and pti’s future!

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

If the verdict, which was pronounced a few months ago, there would have been a huge uproar in the country, but after the kalhoki decision, the PTI also called for a nationwide protest against the arrest of Imran Khan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi called for a peaceful nationwide protest against the arrest of the PTI chairman, saying that the workers should refrain from breaking during the protest. It is another matter that even if he had not issued instructions to the workers to avoid breaking the demolition, the workers would have remained peaceful because the time was gone when pti The leadership used to threaten to bring doom in the country over the possible arrest of Imran Khan, but instead of reacting immediately, after the arrest of the PTI chairman, a meeting of the party’s core committee was convened for consultation, in which decisions were taken on the basis of if but not surprising. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the party’s second senior leader after Imran Khan, said that there is unrest, sorrow and anger among the people over the court’s decision. Earlier, a statement issued by the PTI spokesperson said that the decision of the additional district and sessions judge against the PTI chairman was based on prejudice. Kalhoku’s decision to which the District and Sessions Court had sentenced the PTI chairman to three years in jail in the Toshakhana criminal case while the police arrested Imran Khan from Zaman Park.The court also decided to impose a fine of Rs 100,000 on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman for five years and said that if he fails to pay the amount, the defendant will have to spend another six months in jail. The judge said in his judgment that the dishonesty of the PTI chairman has been proved, after which the arrest warrants of the PTI chairman were also issued. After such warrants were issued, the court directed the IG to comply with the arrest order, after which the police arrested him.Earlier, Judge Humayun Dilawar started the hearing at 8 am that the PTI chairman or any of his lawyers did not appear, the court adjourned the hearing till 9 pm. did. Perhaps Imran Khan had guessed that he would be arrested today. The judge resumed the hearing at 12.30 am when the PTI chairman’s lawyer Khawaja Haris appeared and tried to speak, but the court pronounced the verdict and sentenced the PTI chairman.
As soon as the district and sessions court judge pronounced the verdict, punjab police chiefs reached Atala Zaman Park and security arrangements were tightened. After the arrest of Imran Khan, there was no other special reaction in the whole country, but TikTok star Hareem Shah threatened to release important videos on Imran Khan’s arrest. After such an arrest of Imran Khan, various speculations are going on, some people believe that now the way will be paved for the PTI under the minus Imran Khan formula so that it can also participate in the elections, but I think that all this is not easy for the strong parties becauseEven though the arrest of Imran Khan has emboldened the leadership of the party workers, but then at the same time, sympathy for Imran Khan can also be created among the common people, I have been repeatedly saying and writing that the biggest reason for the sympathy created in the hearts of the people for Imran Khan is the rulers of the PDM government themselves, who have all the responsibility of inflation in the country. They temporarily extended their power, but they themselves could not provide any relief to the people. So much so that now that the days of this government are yet to be counted on the fingers, they are increasing the price of petrol even as it is going, the flour has become one hundred and seventy rupees per kilo. That is why the rulers themselves understand. We say that as a result of not getting any relief to the people from our side, there is no special support or sympathy for them in the public, so the only way for all parties to come back to power is to create space for themselves by sidelining Imran Khan in some way or the other. At present, the PDM leadership will surely breathe a sigh of relief on Imran Khan’s arrest, but their trials are not over yet because tomorrow is Monday when the courts open, appeals will also be filed against Imran Khan’s arrest. The question of time-lapse after the caretaker government also assumes importance in its place.
Because if according to the will and intention of the establishment, if there is any decision to push the caretaker set-up forward in some way or the other, then the biggest obstacle for it was Also Imran Khan. It remains to be seen what is the mood of the establishment, whether they would like to give PTI a space of minus Imran Khan or they want to close that chapter because Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who led the PTI with minus Imran, and others will have enough power to make the party so strong that they can take the party so high that they can run the country. could. If Shah Mehmood Qureshi can’t do all this, then why would the establishment take that jinjh?
Whatever has happened to Imran Khan is the result of his actions, the crop that a person plants is the result of his actions, Imran Khan said. After coming to power, ego and pride were crushed and the powerful became so blind to the intoxication that he could not even see the institutions of the country and started attacking them, the result of his actions is in front of him today that he is eating the air of jail by being arrested with charity. It didn’t happen. There is no doubt that imran khan’s arrest is his own act, so after coming to power, the rulers who do not create ease for the people should also think that the result of the actions is for everyone. I think this arrest should not be considered just political, but this case was already going on against him, but it may be that due to his pressure, the courts kept refusing to give the verdict. However, the arrest of the PTI chairman is not political because his arrest was not done on the orders of the government but on the order of the court, it is also true that in the Toshakhana case, the PTI chairman continued to run away, those carrying warrants were attacked, but now it will be said that this court decision is political revenge. If the courts start prosecuting him in such a way, then it may be that the PTI chairman can also be convicted in the foreign funding and one hundred million pounds case, while other pending cases can also be opened. As long as there are some answers to the questions raised after Imran Khan’s arrest, my opinion is that instead of accepting the formula of ‘Minus Imran’, the establishment will take the path of closing the CHAPTER of PTI completely, for which they have a favorable environment at the moment.

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