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Horoscope Imran Khan June 2023

by Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi
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Horoscope Imran Khan June 2023

1- Will PTI be abolished?
2- Manas from Imran Khan party?
3- Imran Khan Military Court Trial
4- Can Imran Khan go out?

I am Syed Mubasher Ali Rizvi, my Facebook page and my YouTube channel are in the name of Astrology Future i110. While reading the horoscope of Imran Khan, now we will see that Imran Khan’s current Uttar Dasha is running till September 2023. It is not bad, it is a good dasha, it is good, and the maha dasha is far Akbar, it also belongs to a good planet, so in the transit, as I have already told you that the affairs in the transit are going badly, things are bad inside the transit. is definitely going on and for some technical reasons that his horoscope was spoiled due to which I predicted that he may go to jail, may be detained, may have problems with him, those things are for you guys. They have come forward and they have come according to my horoscope, which I have kept their horoscope, seriously, what I have kept time of birth, Alhamdulillah, it is completely correct till today, none of my predictions of Imran Khan sahib has been proved completely wrong and I For the first time in four years I said that he can go to jail, this time can be very difficult for him, it can be bad and he went to jail at the same time. Now I will define the four things that are being done to me. Can the party be handed over to Sham Mehmood Qureshi and Imran Khan can be mined, keeping in mind the horoscope of Imran Khan, his role in politics is still left. That he will hand over the party to Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sahib by saying ah good bye or someone can press him and write to him and hand over the party to another Mahmood Qureshi Sahib in the horoscope. They don’t look so bad that they can do such a thing.

His second question was whether Imran Khan can leave Pakistan. Let’s see according to his zaika whether Imran Khan can leave Pakistan. The lord of the house is running the 10th house, no doubt it is rolling towards the first countries and the maha dasha running is Jupiter’s Jupiter which is pointing to his personal house. And this period of Jupiter, those two planets are also transiting in the 5th house and in the 6th house, they are also pointing towards Pakistan, according to my poor knowledge, which astrologically tells me that they cannot even leave Pakistan now. Not even in the near future, they want to leave Pakistan because all the plants are moving in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth house of their horoscope, so now the plants are not giving any indication that they can leave Pakistan. My second question is answered –

Now the third question is whether the military court, which is the most important question, can give them some punishments from the military court or the cases that are going on can be tried in the military courts. Look, I told you earlier that the month of May is a little bit tougher for them, the problems are visible, but from the last week of May to June and within June, well, I told you that the five-sixth of June. After that, their affairs started to be settled, only the tough time, which is the time for their set backs, is the time. These four or five days till the 25th of May can be difficult, and these four or five days can be difficult. I saw that there was an operation in Zaman Park as well and everything is going on with them, as of now they have nothing to do with them.
All the things are up to them, but according to my poor knowledge, their matters will start to be settled in June, after June 5th and 6th, and the military court matters that are being seen, the horoscope of them will come out of these matters now. I don’t think he will get caught up in these matters or he will be punished by the military by imposing strict allegations on him. Their jail harassment cases are also getting delayed, which will end in June, God willing, in the first decade of June, and their cases may move towards settlements in the first decade, now the question is being raised. Why party people can be left and leaving them. See party people when the position of the planet is bad. There are problems such as people leaving the party or any other such problems that anyone can force their people or whatever happens at this time, but their planetary position in June is strong. I have been looking strong, so I hope that those people will return by June, God willing, and those people will join them, God willing, and things will move towards settlement. Can there be any issues within the party that they can be banned or eliminated, the party can be blackened, according to Ameeran Khan’s wish, take the party now. Running seems to suit their horoscope Saturn is very powerful moving in the second house which further enhances their status.
At this time Saturn is coming very slowly and will slowly cross this house and Saturn is powerful, so this position of Saturn in transit, God willing, I see that it will further improve their status. And it will strengthen the party further. I have no connection with any party at all. I am a people and a representative of Pakistani people and I am reading everyone’s issue, so I am reading Imran Khan’s issue. I have been looking for a better position.
In the coming time, as Saturn becomes powerful, the owner of the second house will have a pleasant improvement in his status, other countries, neighboring countries will establish very good relations and ceremonies with him. I am sure that they will have their settlements within the first decade of June, their relationship will improve, the ruler of the fourth house, Mars, who is in debilitation, will be depressed mentally, domestically. There will be depression again and again regarding the Jamaat-

Mars moving into the 8th house after that is not that good either but Saturn will improve things and Sun’s position will improve a bit so I can hope for June 10th. Or after five or seven dates, some things will start to be settled and permanently, which will show better things. The rest will be informed and improved, God willing, as soon as I see their horoscope, two plants, their major plants will transit from the eighth and sixth houses, in which there is a Shams, it will transit from the sixth house in the coming time. Which can happen in the last decade of June and in July and similarly Mars will come in the eighth house in July when these two plants will come then I will give more information according to Imran Khan Sahib’s schedule. I have given the answer in great detail so that you guys can understand it was an astrological analysis in no way that I told from my side because I am an astrologer and what an astrologer is all about seeing these planets. Explains the things further, Allah knows better what and where he will take him. Imran Khan’s problem is not only Imran Khan’s problem, it is the people’s problem. Please think of the people and improve for the people. Create, we are yours and you are ours.
Pak Pakistan is respectable to us, their children are respectable to us, no one should have the courage to damage these things. So we ourselves will hand it over to you. All these things have been explained astrologically by me. May Allah be our supporter and supporter of Pakistan. We pray that Allah Almighty will bless us with a leader who will take Pakistan out of difficult times and bring us out of difficult things and create improvements for us. I will upload another video in which I will tell the absolutes about the two plants that are going bad, what kind of problems they can present with Imran Khan and how the month of July will be depending on your viewing. And it depends on your comments, God willing, I will definitely tell you. Allow me to take special care of your health and that of your parents. Long live Pakistan.

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