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Haris Rauf: An Incredible Ascent from Humility to Cricket’s Limelight

by Gee Tv
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Documentary Sheds Light on Haris Rauf’ Struggles, Achievements, and Family’s Dreams

National cricketer Haris Rauf has revealed that he used to change his clothes from home to play cricket and go to his friend’s house, and from there he would wear clothes and shoes and go to play tape ball cricket. A documentary film has been made on Haris Rauf, which also shows Haris’ old house in Rawalpindi and the streets where Haris grew up playing cricket. In the documentary, Haris Rauf talks about his early life difficulties. The cricketer is the eldest of 7 siblings, and his father was a welder who barely supported the children from his work. Haris Rauf said that his father and uncle all lived in the same small house; the uncle’s marriage Later, when they had to give us a room, there were such situations that we had to sleep in the kitchen. I used to get 70 to 80 thousand every 6 months. For that, I used to play tape ball cricket, for which I used to get good money: 2 to 2.5 lac per month, from which I used to withdraw fees and collect some. My mother had a dream of having her own house. He said that I now have a house and a car. When I bought a car, my father started crying and said that he was not even able to sit in this car. He said that if my family is happy, then I am happy. It is a matter of pride for me.

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