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Happiness and Peace

by Gee Tv
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A unique announcement was made from the mosque, and everyone who heard it was stunned. The announcement was that there was a leftover dish from various restaurants on a cart near the mosque. The poor and needy people who couldn’t afford to cook could bring their own containers and take the dish for the sake of Allah.

Out of curiosity, I also headed toward the mosque to see what was happening. As soon as I arrived, I saw a crowd of men and women carrying containers. Some were going to collect the dish, while others were trying to get their hands on it.

There were three pots on the cart, one filled with lentils, the second with meat, and the third with a mixed vegetable curry. Within no time, all three pots were empty, and the faces of those taking the dish showed how happy they were. They left while saying prayers and expressing their gratitude.

I stood by the person who distributes food in the salon and asked him where he got the idea. He replied that one day, while eating at a hotel, he had leftovers of more than half of the dish, and he thought he might as well give it to someone who needs it. So, he called a waiter and had him deliver the leftovers to a salon shop, and then he gave them to a needy family.

This act brought great relief to my heart. Believe me, for years, I was used to taking sleeping pills and being a regular sleeper, but surprisingly, that night, I slept peacefully without taking any pills. Then, I prepared to expand this effort and contacted five restaurant owners. They responded positively, and then I had them each place three containers at their restaurant. I thank God that because of me, the best food reaches many poor households.

He was telling me how happy he was as if he had won millions of dollars in a lottery. But I was thinking that indeed, he had won a lottery of countless rewards and blessings.

It is not necessary to spend millions of dollars or spend years monitoring to become close to God. Sometimes, a small act of kindness can outweigh all those good deeds that we spend our entire lives striving for.

Try to perform a small act of kindness every day with one of Allah’s creatures. Perhaps this act of kindness could be the key to your entrance into paradise. We should place a bowl of water for birds on the roof of our homes and seek Allah’s pleasure and reward.

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