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Hand to Mouth but paying Bills

by Muniba Kiran
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Muniba kiran

Along with Inflation, the ever-increasing costs of electricity and petrol outraged the public. Is political unrest bringing economic chaos? Who is responsible for sky-rocketing prices? Are the leaves at the top quenching thirst by depriving beneath? Or does the government fail to govern? The growing prices have touched on the raw and public exalted protest nationwide. People are on the roads for days over the surge in electricity and petrol prices. These never-ending challenge to the state was a sign to bring civil unrest. Owing to the public rage, the interim Prime Minister called an emergency meeting on the 26th of August where all stakeholders participated. To control the difficulty for the public, the Ministry announced the discontinuation of free electricity provision to officers of power distribution. The burdensome responsibilities have deprived not only low but also middle-income families of their livelihoods. These citizens contribute more than one-third of the population but their wages range from 20 to 50,000 might not be worth living. People live from hand to mouth but have to pay their bills.

This has happened because of three main reasons including sick politics, delayed reforms, and the endless greed of Mafiya. Like, a Major chunk of tariffs as capacity payments to IPPs, whether or not they make any electricity. This raises the question here Where are the promises of politicians? Are they men of words but not actions? Or is it only a power game for them? The foremost responsibility of the state is to serve the needs of the public. The slogans at the time of elections remain behind. When the point comes to providing basic needs (food, health, education, and shelter), the budget is rundown. But if the true motive of Government is to retain the public, there will be a way. Political leaders are more concerned with defaming opponents whereas state and public matters remain in question. The political unrest in past years has brought internal and external economic imbalance. This instability, of course, not only impacts the internal structure but is also a threat to the integrity of the country. The revival of political and economic uncertainty is urgent otherwise rising controversy will provoke to severe dilemma. The caretaker government should be replaced by an electoral government because the state is not for the trials of state actors. Instead of pointing fingers at one another, and keeping personal concerns aside, state officials should make unbiased decisions.

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