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Farhat Ullah Babar, Human Rights

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

I have never met Babar in person, nor do I know him personally, but in Pakistani politics, he is a person who is known as the leader of principled people. If he wanted to, Babar could have been a senator from Sindh, but he did not compromise on Sindh’s rights to be elected on principle, unlike when Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar was being made a senator from here. As much credit as can be given, Babar, like the way he speaks for small provinces, middle class, and lower classes, there is no doubt that he has emerged as a great human rights champion. As a human rights champion, he is raising his voice for human rights both inside and outside Parliament in an unparalleled way. Respected Babar Sahib expresses his gratitude to President Asif Zardari and Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for the establishment of the PPP Human Rights Commission, because before this, Ms. Nafisa Shah was also fearlessly working on human rights, and the PPP has always openly spoken against human rights violations and transgressions. Therefore, bringing a brave man like Babar to this position is not only for the PPP but also a good omen for Pakistan’s minorities, small provinces, and nations. Babar is counted among Pakistan’s enlightened, progressive, and democratic leaders.

They always spoke out against the actions of political parties and the marginalization of religious minorities in the construction of a cohesive society. Many anti-democratic elements revealed themselves during the trial against Pervez Musharraf, and there was also pressure on the leadership of the Pakistan People’s Party to separate from Farhatullah Babar. However, the PPP leadership, especially President Asif Ali Zardari, who had a sense of political insight, understood that it is not easy to find loyal people like Farhatullah Babar. In society, it is easy to become Lutf Khosa, Aitezaz Ahsan, and Babar Awan, but becoming Farhatullah Babar is very difficult. It requires a willingness to make sacrifices. The People’s Party always has high spirits of constitutionalism and democracy in its leadership. Even today, respected Farhatullah Babar, like his entire political life, is playing the role of a principled, constitutionalist, tall-statured politician. He is also enviable in the way he raised his voice for media freedom, but the way Farhatullah Babar spoke openly about the disillusionment and political unrest among the youth of Pashtun, Baloch, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan was also proven right with time. If his words had been heeded at the time, then events such as those in FATA, Waziristan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Kashmir would not have given birth to hatred in the unity of the state.

I hope that our powerful classes will exchange ideas with enlightened people like Fereeha Allah Babar and come to realize the importance of human rights violations against workers and farmers that Babar speaks out about. I also have hope that Mr. Fereeha Allah Babar will openly speak out against the exploitation of workers and farmers day and night in the country. Workers and farmers are the biggest targets of human rights violations in this country and Mr. Fereeha Allah Babar has given them hope that once he becomes the leader of the PPP human rights organization, he will raise their voices against injustices and secure seats for them in Parliament by amending the Constitution and laws so that they can represent their class effectively.

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