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Fake attendance

by Professor Abdullah Bhatti
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Professor Abdullah Bhatti

My neighbour took a deep breath after narrating the story of Sitara Begum’s fake attendance, he looked around with fear that Sitara Begum would not be around, he had not seen her blasphemy, her face was dry with fear of Sitara Begum and the shadows of terror were shaking in her eyes. I have come to know that you will be able to compete with Sitara Begum, she is the owner of many spiritual powers, her teacher hindu executive has reached a lot, you think well that she does not harm me and you, I was surprised at this. After seeing all the evil forms of this fraudulent woman, they were afraid of her, I know many such women and girls who have fallen into the hands of such a satanic agent, lost their honor along with wealth. Along with playing with honor, jewelry is also being looted when I say dare to tell the police and catch him, then he says, no you do any action, he should leave my pursuit, I did not tell the police or husband, these evil tools have been playing for centuries due to the same fear of women, while the truth is that such agents should get a police call. So they leave the city and run away like this. I do not know when the darkness of ignorance and fear of our society will go away when the face of such devils will be blackened and humiliated, I gave a lot of courage to the neighbor that you should not be worried at all. There is absolutely no need to fear him by playing with the psychology of The Star, there is no need to fear him, the neighbor was still in a dilemma whether to take panga with Sitara Begum or not because even after seeing all his frauds, he used to think that Sitara has spiritual powers. Brother John, I am your sister from today, you my brother, I will help you to face her and bring her true form to everyone.
If she is not stopped, then she does not know and who will marry and continue to do such luxuries, you tell me how to help you, then we started thinking about how I should go in front of her, then she said that you give me a few days, I will tell you how you have to meet her, then only after three days. The sister got a call that the cousin she wants to marry now, her wife has been joined by me, she will call her to her house where you will already be present, she will tell about you that you are also a spiritual agent. I waited for the day when a luxury dancer had to meet the prostitute executive, then I got a call that tomorrow you should reach the house in such and such a place. So I reached this house the next day because this house was also of spiritual believers, whenever there is a mention in such houses, they meet with passion, we were busy in gossiping. Different rings came wearing a garland of stones around the neck, I was suffocating different children, he sat on the comfortable sofa and looked at me with a lot of eyes, but after suffocating the children, I deliberately did two or three successful games to show him. He understands that while in reality he is just a hobby, I was doing it selflessly, he was now impressed.
That I am really a spiritual person, looking at me, she said, Sir, tell us something about us, we also believe in the elders, I got up and sat on the sofa in front of her, she was impressed with me. And in the later period, when the dance was told about the greatness of prostitution, it was said that you are telling that there is an elderly person present in you, so I made my drama even longer and said in a filled voice, I am a jinn who is present in the professor’s body at that time. A few days of guest, the appearance of his face, the appearance of the stomach, he was telling these diseases, he understood this to be my mercy, he was afraid that the government should do my spiritual operation, so I said that the spiritual operation will be done tomorrow, it was full of devotion. She sat alone in front of me, I started the drama of fake attendance and said tell everything the truth then there will be an operation, then she told her fake attendance alcohol prostitution all that she was getting old and completing the days of life by becoming an elderly woman. After telling everything, she started apologizing with folded hands and apologized for God’s sake save my life by doing my spiritual operation, I repent, I will not pretend to be present in the future, I pretended to die and said that the next operation will be done after a month. The star was admitted to a government hospital where she died within a month fighting the sick, ending the fake attendance drama.
Now let us come to the first column in which the story of Noor Bibi is sorrow, in which an agent pretended to be present and played with the wealth and honor of Masooma, the husband had left Noor Bibi was at her parents’ house. It was your fault, you brought Amal Baba home and said that you have to accept everything, then told the drama of The Agent, after two or three meetings, the husband brought Noor Bibi home, then I told the whole thing to the police friend. Noor Bibi and her husband went to Karachi to escape the taunts of the people and did not look back, today Noor Bibi came to meet me again, the wounds of the past became green. It will come to who is the Bengali agent and the traveler of the path of truth.

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