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Everyone Will Have to Work Hard.

by Muhammad Arshad Jillani
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Arshad Jillani

Everyone will have to work hard for the happiness of the country! Unemployment itself is poverty and also the first step towards moral corruption. The Islamic economic system is more dynamic, more active, and more diverse than the economic systems of all other nations! The system of charity and zakat is also for the financial assistance of the needy and the helpless, so that poverty can be eliminated from society, and agricultural, economic, social, and cultural space can be created to make the oppressed people happy. This is the aim and purpose of the Islamic welfare society, that no individual remains sad, helpless, and destitute…

The reality of the Mutual Aid Movement is also based on equality, brotherhood, cooperation, and the good of humanity. Its objectives also include the eradication of unemployment and the establishment of such a moral, social, and economic system, which not only makes the disadvantaged nations happy but also leads them to progress and prosperity… Therefore, all the virtues of the Islamic welfare society are inherent in it, which is why this system is exactly according to the system of the Islamic welfare state… Within the Mutual Aid Movement, the virtues of nobility, guidance, honesty, brotherhood, and obligations have been implemented like a nuclear core. History testifies that wherever this movement was adopted according to its true spirit, all aspects of life, whether they were social and economic, cultural and educational, or moral and civilized, were transformed into a “Gulbahar” (spring). Just think that it is the fruit of such a system that the signs of progress are visible in every aspect of the life of its dependent branches.

Every government has the determination to strengthen the national economy by ending dependence on foreign loans. Although improving the country’s economic situation is a very big challenge for the government, thanks to Allah’s blessings, we have the means and our nation is so capable that if a realistic and practical plan is implemented in all aspects of national life, and it is implemented with full determination and confidence, then there is no reason why we cannot succeed in controlling our major economic problems. It is necessary that basic industrial investment in the country is promoted under the private as well as the corporate sector throughout the country, so that a solid foundation can be provided for sustainable solutions to the extraordinary economic problems facing the country at the moment, and within a few years, most of our economic difficulties can be eliminated. We can rise from the humiliating position of being dependent on others and reach a dignified position of self-reliance.

There is a need and a demand for a change in the economic and financial policies of the country to establish the national economy on a social basis. Therefore, the government should plan its programs based on mutual aid and initiate a new era of social cooperation, in which Mahmood and Ayaz stand together in the same line, representing the concept of an Islamic welfare state.

There are critical phases in national life that determine the fate of nations. Therefore, it is better to seek refuge in the bosom of cooperation and strive to survive with limited resources through mutual aid during these moments, to secure the perilous future of the country.

This movement is not only dedicated to the financial well-being of its members, but also gives birth to an ethical movement that creates good people, good citizens, and a better society. Developed countries are known for the benefits of mutual aid movements. In these countries, the roots of this global movement are strong because the farmers and people of these countries have made the principles of this movement a part of their daily lives.

The mutual aid movement provides the country with competent and honest leadership, but it does not become a part of politics. Its purpose is solely the welfare and prosperity of the people. Therefore, social and national development should be prioritized while keeping personal interests, mutual disputes, and conflicts aside. Mutual aid associations should be formed that encompass all aspects of life so that the principles of this global mutual aid movement, which are in line with Islam, can be adopted, and our country can move towards development.

Indeed, those nations are fortunate who not only benefited from this movement but also demonstrated the practical application of the principles and teachings of this movement in their words and actions. Goodness begets goodness, and every courtyard, every neighborhood, and even the entire country becomes illuminated. This is the reality of mutual aid which is purely Islamic as well. May Allah grant that the system of mutual aid movement is prevalent in our country and our country moves toward happiness and prosperity.

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