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Daughter, a shield

by Gee Tv
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She had been married for 10 years and nature had blessed her like a daughter. 
Every time he wished to have a son, but one after the other, six flower-like daughters had landed in his courtyard.
Due to the absence of a son, he would also have to bear the bitter words of the family and family.
This time again his wife was expected to give birth… but he was afraid in his heart that this time a daughter would not be born again.
“This time too, if a girl is born, divorce your wife and divorce her…”
His father told him bluntly.
“What is my wife’s fault in the birth of a daughter?”
He would think in his own mind… then shake his head and leave the decisions to the stream of circumstances. 
But as time went on, satan’s actions affected his heart and mind until he decided that if a girl was born this time too, he would divorce his wife!
One night when he slept, what he saw was that the Hour had taken place, there was chaos everywhere.
The burden of his sins is so much that even the good deeds of a lifetime could not work and hell has become obligatory on him for these sins.
The angels are chained and dragging him to hell. His screams and cries have no effect… Suddenly, what he sees is that one of his daughters is standing at the door of hell. When she sees her father, she goes ahead and stops the angels.
The angels take him to the other door and see that his other daughter is standing and not letting the angels go any further.
The angels take her from there to the third door, where her third daughter becomes a cover for her father from Hell.
In this way, the angels take him to the fourth, fifth and then sixth door, but at every door his daughters defend him and prevent him from going to hell.
Now the seventh door was left, the angels chained it and walked towards the seventh door.
Now there was a great panic on him that who would be a barrier for me at this door.
In the same panic and fear, his eyes suddenly opened, he was sweating and trembling on his body, he began to realize that he had made a very wrong decision after being seduced by Satan.
In this condition, he raised his hands before Allah… Tears flowed on his cheeks and a prayer came out of trembling lips…
“O Allah, give me the seventh daughter.”
Today’s evil and outdated thoughts have reduced the thinking to such an extent that daughters have come to be considered as a far away from mercy and a cause of humiliation, in Muslim society, those who believe in making up and value should be happy instead of being angry at the birth of girls, because daughters are part of mercy and a means of protection from hell, weakness of faith. Because of this, those who have come to believe that the reason for the birth of girls is their wives, it is completely wrong… In this, wives or themselves have no role, but husband and wife are only a means.
Only Allah is the One who bestows the blessing of children…
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“He gives daughters to whom He wills, and he gives sons to whom He wills, or mixes sons and daughters with whom He wills, and sterilizes whom He wills.”
(Surah Al-Shura: 49-50)
The Prophet (s) said:
“Whoever is put to the test by his daughters and raised them well, these girls will become a shield from hell.”
(Bukhari, Kitab al-Zakaah, Hadith: 1418)

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