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China Urges Peace Agreement Between Israel and Palestine

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China Expresses Deep Concern over Rising Conflict and Calls for Swift Resolution

In a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday, China has called on the international community to facilitate an immediate peace agreement between Israel and Hamas in light of the escalating conflict, violence, and strife between the two parties. The statement highlights China’s profound concern over the growing tensions in the region.

China emphasizes the need for the concerned parties to maintain peace, refrain from the use of force, and bring an end to hostilities promptly, with the goal of ensuring the safety of civilians and preventing further deterioration in the situation. According to China, it is evident that a temporary ceasefire may not provide a lasting solution, underlining the urgency for swift action in seeking a durable peace.

China urges the international community to take immediate action and actively seek a long-term solution for sustainable peace.

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