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Benefit of studying

by Gee Tv
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Some people ask that they study but do not remember anything, then what is the benefit of studying?

Sheikh Salman Al-Awda writes in his book “Zanzana” that once I complained to my Sheikh that I read a book, but I don’t remember anything about it!

So he gave me a date and said:
Chew this. Then asked me:
Are you grown up now?

I said: No

He said: But this date got mixed in your body, so some part of it became flesh, some bone, some back, some skin, some hair, some nails, and pores, etc!!

Then I realized that whatever book I read, it gets divided.

Some of it strengthens my vocabulary, some increases my knowledge, some refines my morals, and some improves my writing and speaking style, even though I don’t realize it.

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