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“Bangles will keep breaking!”

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

If we do not change our stance and continue with a two-pronged strategy, it is certain that our military, police, other law enforcement agencies, and civilians will continue to suffer from acts of terrorism and martyrs. Bangles will be broken at funerals, and children will continue to bear the suffering of orphans.

Mastung, Hangu, Mianwali, and Jardanwala are not sudden tragedies; we were waiting for them to open our eyes. Our land has been stained with blood for a long time. Decades of thinking have brought us to the point that Pakistan is constantly facing the threat of terrorism.

Decades ago, the drama adaptation of Naseem Hijazi’s novel was aired on government TV under the name “The Last Rock.” People familiar with Urdu literature know very well that the novels by Maulana Abdul Halim Sharar and Naseem Hijazi depict real historical figures. However, there were incidents in these novels that were based on the author’s personal imagination and had no relation to reality. Novels written for literary purposes were presented as if all these events had happened in reality.

I mention “The Last Rock” because, in its first episode, it was shown that a cross was being pulled down. The cross is not a religious sign for us Muslims, but it is a symbol of importance for millions of Christians living in our dear homeland. Just imagine what must have gone through the heart of a Pakistani Christian when he saw his holy religious symbol being disrespected in such a drama produced by a government agency. Furthermore, consider what kind of mindset Muslims would develop when they witness such scenes being glamorized. Even after that, is there any possibility that they would respect the religious sentiments of their Pakistani Christian brothers? The answer will be negative.

Our quarrel maybe with India, but because of this dispute, anyone who wishes is accused of converting to Hinduism. This accusation is not limited to public events but can also be seen and heard on television. It wasn’t too long ago that a minister of the PTI government in Punjab made a very offensive statement regarding Hinduism. Although the ministry was initially taken away from him, he was reinstated after a few weeks. What was the impression? It seemed like a mere formality of taking action for the world to see, and then he was brought back into the ministry.

I mention “The Last Rock” because it reflects a continuity of an extremist mentality that keeps developing. As long as this continuity exists, such incidents will continue to happen.

I started by talking about changing our stance. It’s no secret that banned organizations in Afghanistan are involved in activities against Pakistan. Everyone knows it. However, the ones who truly promote their extremist ideologies and resort to violence are those who continue to wield weapons in Pakistan. They openly engage in hate-filled statements, speeches, and the killing of dissenters.

When these individuals believe they are safe and their ideologies are gaining ground, and when major political parties in the country align with them for electoral gains or to form a government, how can we expect this situation to change? It’s possible that individuals with such extremist beliefs will keep resurfacing and organizing themselves for acts of terrorism.

Maulana Shibli Nomani wrote a unique book on the biography of Imam Abu Hanifa, titled “Sirat al-Numan.” He believed that Imam Abu Hanifa was a true Muslim according to the text of the Holy Quran. He argued that compared to certain hadiths, which lack definitive proof and pertain to external matters, Imam Abu Hanifa’s principles held greater weight. For this reason, Imam Abu Hanifa was not labeled a disbeliever. However, later Hanafis disregarded this principle and invented countless issues of disbelief, as detailed in jurisprudential books.

From Imam Abu Hanifa to Maulana Shibli Nomani, there existed a particular understanding of religion. The question is, where did this understanding go astray? Even today, we are in a state of confusion regarding these matters.

Remember, until these extremists are effectively countered, some terrorist organizations will persist. Mere claims that they have no religion or are Khawarij will not solve the problem; instead, we will continue to witness chaos, violence, and broken bangles.

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