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Are you Muslims, is this style Muslim?

by Armeen Fiaz
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Armeen fiaz

Today, once again on December 3, 2021, an innocent life was brutally killed in Sialkot, when the world saw that the word “protection of minorities” in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was left only to be used in speeches and books because a mob tortured the Sri Lankan manager accusing him of desecrating the holy verses of the Holy Quran. Then his body was set on fire. And in the name of his dead body, only his dust, locked in a coffin, reached his house.
Today again on August 16, 2023, a man saw some scattered verses of the Quran near Jaranwala Cinema Chowk, which allegedly had some obscene phrases written on it, as well as abuses of Muslims on a paper and written derogatory sentences on it. It is worth noting that the miscreant had also pasted his name and his picture on it. The people gathered the oraks and called imam Qari Younus of the nearby mosque and handed over the case to the police. Who identified the accused and arrested him. But this incident provoked the faith of the Muslims and they carried sticks, sticks and stones and marched towards the christian community’s settlement and church. These so-called Muslims burned about 4 churches and about 40 houses of poor Christians. The matter did not end there, but the angry crowd did not even leave the Christian cemetery and demolished its four walls and trampled the graves with their feet and desecrated them. Now the question arises whether the miscreant who attacked the houses and places of worship of many innocent and innocent Christians should have been caught or the innocent should have been displaced?
These are the Muslims who fulfill the requirements of their faith by reciting iman-e-musfil and iman-e-mujmil and believe that they believe in all the angels, the prophets and the books sent down by Allah. But sadly, despite being people of the Book, the mob desecrated the Gospel in the church. Insulting a religion by being a Muslim is a sign of evil and this disrespect and violation is not acceptable in any way. A knowledgeable and active Muslim never represents this process. The religion of Islam has never ordered the burning of non-Muslim places of worship, but we are the ummah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who responded to the misbehavior of the people of Taif with his good manners.
Your ummah has destroyed the dead house.
Ibn Maryam complained to Muhammad
Let me record here the incident of the Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) treatment of the people of the Book, that when a delegation of Christians from Najran came to Madinah, there were 60 people in the delegation. When he came to the Holy Prophet’s service in Madinah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had already offered asr prayers. Dressed in Yemeni clothes, wrapped in robes and sheets, some of the Companions saw them and said, “We have not seen a delegation like them.” At the same time, it was time for them to worship, so the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) allowed them to worship in masjid-e-nabawi, one of the holy places, they got up and started worshiping in masjid-e-nabawi. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to his companions, “Leave them, they turned east and worshiped themselves.”
Surprised, black day of Asyanam
Pashimanam, Pashimanam, Pashimaan, or The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)
So in our religion, only love and morality are taught. Minorities and non-Muslims have rights in Islam, but there are no rights to blasphemy, it is only punishment, but Muslims responded to blasphemy with blasphemy and showed the whole world how provocative a nation we are. If it was a mischief or a conspiracy, those who promoted mischief have achieved the desired results.
If it is a matter of blasphemy, then when blasphemous sketches were published in France and Denmark, where was the pride of these Muslims sleeping? Then why didn’t they come up with the idea of targeting the houses and places of worship of non-Muslims? Then why did they keep quiet? Today, they are pretending their power only because the displaced people belonged to the minority people of their country? In our country, if a person commits blasphemy, blasphemy of the Quran or blasphemes, there are laws for him. Approaching the court was a better way to wait for court proceedings than to take the law into our hands. It is just that humanity, faith, morality, thinking, ideology, feeling, truth, honesty, hard work and patience have all disappeared from us, which creates a nation, a peaceful and successful society.
Complete faith in The Mercy of Sayyid Lolak
The Ummah is afraid of Sayyid Lulak (peace be upon him).

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