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Ancient Coffin Imam Hasan Mujtaba Mochi Darwaza

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This picture is of Imam Hasan Mujtaba (a.s.), the main ancient ziyarat image of 28 Safar recovered in Lahore. Probably the picture was taken a few years ago when ziyarat mosque was present in wazir khan area. Looking at this picture, i remember the time when the funeral of Imam Hasan (as) in Madinah returned from the shrine of his maternal grandfather.
After the main procession recovered from The Night of Ashura Nisar Haveli, this is the ziyarat which would not be wrong if it is said to be the specification of Lahore’s azadari. The pilgrimage, which was recovered from hussainia hall, the popular Imambargah of Shi’an Kashmirian mohalla of inner Mochi Darwaza, ends at the Imambargah Bab Hasan (as) at the same place on the night of 28 Safar. I don’t know how to count the number of people, that’s all I know.That during the closing moments of this procession, I often flowed like a straw among the sea of human beings.
The eyes were fixed on the coffin, which was sometimes moved forward, hanging in the air, floating right and left. Sentimentality, warmth and centrality are the hallmarks of this procession. After the end of the chapter of Hasan (peace be upon him), a white cloth (shroud) is put on the coffin and it is taken back to Hussainia Hall. This scene is extremely violent, with the background of the funeral of Imam Hasan (as) returning home in Medina, on which arrows were fired.
Allama Mirza Ahmad Ali, d. 1970, is the founder of this historic ziyarat, who founded this procession in 1928.That is, by the end of this decade, this ancient and popular pilgrimage will be completed 100 years. Allama Mirza Ahmad Ali’s mausoleum is located in the Hall where this image is placed in the coffin of Imam Hasan (as).
YouTube and social media have made it very easy. Some videos of this procession of 28 Safar Lahore are available on YouTube, in which Zakir is describing the sufferings of Imam Hasan (as), even the ziyara is recovered, after which the scenes look very violent. On one such video, a person from India has commented that my heart was cut off after seeing this scene. I have seen such a scene only in Lucknow and now in Lahore.
Before the recovery of the ziyara, there is a meeting and then at night the meeting continues in the neighborhood of Shi’an until the ziyara reaches here. Allama Irfan Haider Abidi, Maulana Nasir Abbas, Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi and Maulana Hassan Zafar Naqvi have been reciting Majlis here. Allama Irfan Haider Abidi has read the memorable magazines of his life here. The appearance of ziyarat in Shi’a, a neighborhood, presents a scene as if the funeral of Maula Hasan (peace be upon him) in Madinah has returned home covered with arrows.
This pilgrimage of 28 Safar is the pride of the pilgrims of Lahore. The sincerity of the people of the inner city, who hold the pilgrims from all over the city and outside the city by their arms and plead with imam hasan (a.s.) to eat niyaz, is reflected in their eyes.
Without getting into any traditional debate on zanjeer or qamma zini, I would like to write as an example that in Lahore, zanjeer zini or blood purse is given most on Ashura. But after Ashura, if I saw the most chaining, then that date is twenty-eight zeros. The zanjeer zini in Gujjar Gali is a feature of this procession. The only difference is that on the day of Ashura, the mourner or Husayn (peace be upon him) mourns and the twenty-eight safar or Hasan (peace be upon him). There are some special nuhas that are recited continuously on this day, the top of which is “Innocent Mara Gaya Sibt Rasul 2nd S, Wa Hasan ab Sabz Qaba”. While some groups of mourners are seen mourning a certain style by saying , “Mr. Imam Hasan killed me, killed my brother without sin”. The timeless nuha written by the late Baba Nasir Haideri, founder of the historic Mourning Anjuman Nisar Party, “Pekan barsa rahi hain coffin par hasan ke” is also a very special nuha recited in this procession.
You must be wondering why I mentioned in such detail this main procession of Lahore on the occasion of the 28th Safar martyrdom of Imam Hasan Mujtaba (as). The reason for this is that I have often seen some people saying that why shias do not seem to organize any meeting or procession on the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hasan (a) like the grief of Imam al-Husayn (a).” Whether the question is asked because of lack of knowledge or because of hatred, the answer should be considered good anyway. Therefore, I only gave a detailed account of this ancient central pilgrimage of Lahore according to my knowledge and observation so that no one can misunderstand that Shias do not grieve the Holy Ahl-e-Bayt (peace be upon him) who was not allowed by the Muslims to be buried next to his maternal grandfather.

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