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An endless agonizing journey

by Yasir Pirzada
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It was four years ago, a leader was doing a protest march in a remote area of the country, that leader was not in the good books of the state, so they tried to stop him, he did not stop, in response At least thirteen protesters were shot dead. Suffice it to say about the identity of these poor people that they were not urban middle-class Punjabis. For now, let’s leave it here and talk about our lovely burger class. who has done a bigger incident than necessary this time. Now his fans do not understand how to defend him. It is not enough for the lovers to directly write that those who destroy military properties and monuments of martyrs should be released by pulling their ears (don’t even pull their ears with force), they are our children, they are wicked, they are emotional, their There is no fault, what they did is the result of many years of deprivation, it was the anger of the failure of the system, the state should treat them with love and announce amnesty for them, in return they become good children. They will continue to do it, but if they are sent to jail, they will turn out to be saboteurs.
In response to this argument, it is enough to say that for the last ten years, general amnesty was going on for them, due to which we have reached here today. What these rioters did, if even ten percent of it had been done by someone in Baluchistan or FATA, there would have been no discussion in the newspapers about how to treat them. The incident in which thirteen protesters were killed is one of them. Here is a small example.

Another thing these people are doing very loudly is that the ruthlessness with which the five star revolutionaries are being arrested is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. In fact, their history started a year ago. They do not know anything about what happened in the country before, how the people endured hardships in the dictatorships, even their angels do not know. An argument is being given in favor of these gossips of defense that the real fault lies with the security agencies. of those who did not protect the sensitive buildings, if they had taken timely action, so much damage would not have happened.
While giving this argument, their supporters are giving a clean chit to the belligerents in a very imperceptible way, but this argument also has no weight because those who are saying that they should be extinguished and released on the basis of their mere arrest. If they were shot on the spot, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of chaos would have happened in the country. Lal Masjid operation is a small example of this. It is also being said in defense of the Burger revolutionaries that all these youth Purman was a part of the peaceful protest but under a conspiracy some rioters joined the protest who caused all the vandalism and destruction so those rioters should be caught and punished.
This argument is also checked. In the last few years, we have seen that some people get together and kill someone in the name of blasphemy. This is happening because an atmosphere of extremism has been created in the country. has been given under which people have been filled with incitement and extremism, now they don’t have to wait for anyone’s orders, they themselves set up courts and pronounce sentences on the spot. We have done the same thing in the name of political consciousness, when you constantly tell your followers that you are right and your opponents are wrong, so you have to wage Jihad against them, then inevitably the same result will come out of this statement. What we saw with our own eyes. It is not possible to deny this fact, the rest who came in the mood.

Now let’s see the other side of the picture. The other side is that those who we call five star revolutionaries may be really revolutionaries, not necessarily that only poor and downtrodden people bring revolution, educated and Even the wealthy class can fight for the sake of the country, so it is possible that this fight is in the right direction, but then two questions arise.
First, if this is really a battle of right and wrong, a jihad, a war of freedom, then they do not ask for guarantees in such a struggle, they do not tell mummy and daddy to call so-and-so uncle and ask him to release me from the Cantt police station, for God’s sake. Seek there is no AC here and there are also many mosquitoes. Why Guevara and Mao Zedong did not approach the courts. Second, are these people really ideological and their war is for an ideology? No, it is not like that, it can be called insanity in love with God, but it cannot be called an ideological war, if it was an ideological war, it would not revolve around the personality of a single person.
To be honest, the situation is not acceptable, no democrat and free-thinking person wants a society where basic human rights are denied, but the trouble is that for the democrats, these riots have left no way. Worried about keeping their record straight, they are actively condemning illegal actions, which should be done, but their ambition is not to offer any workable solution, but only to write their names among the martyrs so that the record remains and tomorrow. When the period of fascism returned, they could say with satisfaction that we had condemned it then and are still condemning it. God only knows how long and painful this journey is!

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