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Air taxi service will start in Pakistan from June 18

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Air taxi service will start in Pakistan from June 18

Online application for air taxi service will be available in few days and air taxi service will be launched on June 18.
Pakistan’s first air taxi service will start from June 18. 2 planes of Skywings reached Karachi.

During the press conference after the inauguration ceremony in Karachi, Chief Operating Officer Sky Wings Imran Aslam Khan said that the online application to get the air taxi service will be available in a few days and the air taxi service will be launched on June 18. will be given. Through air taxi service, it will be possible to travel to remote areas across the country on an emergency basis. There are 29 airstrips across the country for take-off and landing of air taxis, out of which about 8 are fully operational. Imran Aslam said that under this service, the service will be provided at half the price compared to the past. A foreign and a Pakistani company were approached to develop the air service application. It is a matter of great joy that the results of the application developed by the Pakistani company have been excellent. Now the application of the same Pakistani company will be used for the service.

According to CEO Skywings Captain Asim Nawaz, contacts are being made by international companies to join the business. The service will be operated for Rahim Yar Khan and Baluchistan apart from nine airports and private airports in the country. For some time, the scope of the service will be extended across the country. Through the online taxi service, businessmen and other people suffering from scurvy problems will be able to travel to different areas including Baluchistan. He further says that there is no concept of air taxi in the world, people have their own private planes. In this regard we can say that this is a milestone in Pakistan. The Piper and Diamond aircraft in the SkyWings Aviation fleet are capable of flying at a speed of 300 km per hour and can fly at an altitude of 14,000 feet during flight.

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