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A brave and hardworking father

by Areeha Shahbaz
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A brave and hardworking father, Mr. Muhammad Anwar, has been delivering newspapers and magazines to our house in Okara for the past 33 years. Whether it rains or storms, he has never shirked his responsibility. Whenever he comes to deliver a magazine, he is always beaming with joy. I was standing at the gate and noticed his happiness, so I asked him, “Mr. Anwar, you seem very happy today. What’s the reason?” He replied, “Sir, today I am going to my daughter’s convocation in Lahore.” I inquired about the convocation, and he said, “My daughter has become a doctor, and she has obtained six gold and silver medals. The total number of medals she has received from her doctoral education is nineteen.”

I asked Anwar bhai how many children he has and what they are doing. He replied, “Sir, I myself have completed education up to metric and have been selling newspapers for the past 46 years. I have five children and even if I thank God a million times, it won’t be enough that all my children have received education. MashAllah, my eldest son is a pharmacist and is successful in a good position. My second daughter has an MPhil in Chemistry and a B.Ed degree, while my third child is a doctor and my fourth child has an MPhil in Zoology. And MashAllah, my fifth child has a BSc Honors degree in Chemistry. I kept saying MashAllah on every word he spoke. They are the best example for us that difficult circumstances cannot hinder progress.”

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